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Discover Card betting Arizona

As all Discover card owners will know, there are very few retail locations that accept Discover. Sadly, a lot of this applies to the world of online gambling too. On this page, we want to teach you a little bit about Discover Card and sports betting in Arizona. This includes where you can use your card, as well as a brief overview of the pros and cons of this deposit method.

All about Discover Card betting in Arizona

Discover Card is the third most popular card network in the US. About 57-million people hold a Discover credit card. While there aren’t that many sportsbooks that offer Discover card betting, you may find that you will get turned down from far fewer places than you may think.

If you are looking for fast deposits, no fees, and access to bonuses, then you will almost certainly want to be looking into Discover Card betting in Arizona. A lot of the top sportsbooks in the state will even accept the card.

Discover card sportsbooks in Arizona

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Getting started – Discover Card betting in Arizona


Really, there are two things that you need to know when it comes to Discover Card betting in Arizona:

  • How to choose a sportsbook
  • How to deposit into your account.

The first part is going to be somewhat tricky. That is why, later on, we will tell you about the best betting sites that accept Discover Cards for banking in Arizona. However, the first part is simpler than you may think. You already know how to use a Discover Card. The chances are that you have made countless purchases online using your Discover. The principle is exactly the same. So, all you need to know is how to follow this process:

  • Register for a sportsbook
  • Choose the ‘cashier’ link from your account. If you do not see a link that says cashier, then it should be just as informative. Basically, wherever you need to go to manage your money.
  • Select ‘deposit’
  • Select credit/debit card.
  • Type in the amount of cash that you want to deposit into your account. Bear in mind that there will be minimums and maximums for a sportsbook.
  • Follow the process to make your payment.

Once your money has been deposited, you will be able to start gambling right away.

Betting sites that accept Discover Card in Arizona

These are the best Arizona online sports betting that accept Discover Cards. We have vetted each of these sites, so we can assure you that they offer a brilliant gambling experience:

  • Caesars Discover card betting in Arizona
  • Draftkings with Discover cards in Arizona
  • Fanduel Arizona Discover card
  • Discover card deposit at BetMGM Arizona

Withdrawing using Discover Card – Arizona sportsbooks


This is where you are going to run into a few difficulties. While Discover Card betting in Arizona is easy. Getting money out of your sportsbook account using your Discover Card isn’t going to be.

As you may well know, most Discover Cards are going to be credit cards. They are not attached to the bank accounts. This means that there is nowhere for you to withdraw. Discover Cards are designed for making payments only.

But what about refunds, we hear you cry? Well, yes. That is actually one of the ways that sportsbooks can get money to your Discover Card. However, due to the high fees involved and the strict limitations in place with regard to the refund process.

While some sportsbooks will allow you to make withdrawals to your Discover Card, it is probably best to just go in with a secondary withdrawal method in place. If you win huge sums of cash, you won’t actually be able to withdraw to your Discover Card anyway.

The pros of Discover Card betting in Arizona


So, let’s look at some of the reasons why you are going to be using Discover Card betting in Arizona:

You are already familiar with the process

Depositing money into your account using Discover Card isn’t going to be some complicated process that you know absolutely nothing about. We are virtually certain that you know how to make a payment online with Discover Card. Even if you don’t, the process works in exactly the same way that a standard debit or credit card works. It is not going to be a mystifying process for anybody. Or, at least we hope so.

It is safe

It is safe to deposit into your account using your Discover Card. Nobody will be able to see your card details. If you do run into any issues, then you should have absolutely no issues getting a refund through your card provider. There is very, very little that can go wrong with the process. Basically, if you use Discover, then you know that you are going to be in safe hands.

No fees

There will never be any fees associated with using your Discover Card to deposit money into your account. Discover Card actually goes to huge lengths to ensure that card processing companies do not do this. However, if a site does claim that they want to charge you fees for using Discover, then there certainly won’t be a shortage of other online betting sites in Arizona that are going to be happy to accept your cash.

Quick deposits

Deposits into your account using your Discover Card should be instant. This means that there is going to be no waiting around for a company to process your transaction. As a result, you will be able to enjoy gambling right away. This is rather handy. After all, there are some bets that you just want to be made there and then. The odds are just too great to be waiting hours for the transaction to be processed.

Low minimum deposits

If you are not the type of person to gamble huge sums of cash, then you will be pleased to know that there isn’t often a high minimum deposit to use your Discover Card. You will likely be able to deposit for as low as $10 to $20. As we said, there are not going to be any fees associated with doing this either.

High maximum deposits

If you are the type of gambler that enjoys gambling down the upper end of the spectrum, then you will be able to enjoy the high maximum deposits from most sportsbooks. If there is a maximum deposit in place, then we are talking well into the hundreds, or sometimes thousands, of dollars. As long as you have money available on your Discover credit card, then you will be able to deposit it into your account.

The cons of Discover Card betting Arizona

Sure, Discover Card is a brilliant method to deposit cash into your sports betting account. However, we don’t think we would be doing our duty if we didn’t tell you about some of the downsides of using a Discover Card. Although, do bear in mind that some of these downsides will apply to other deposit methods too. They are not necessarily unique to using Discover.

No withdrawals

Yes. We know that there will be a limited refund functionality for using Discover. However, the refund functionality is so limited that you may as well just assume that it doesn’t exist. So, you best have a method that you can make fast payouts in Arizona to, otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the fruits of your gambling. You won’t have access to any of the cash that you have won!

Credit card fees

Most Discover Cards are going to be credit cards. This means that you do have to live with the fact that while there won’t be any fees on the end of the sportsbook, you will have to pay interest rates on your gambling. This can make the cost a little bit higher, the same goes if you bet using a VISA card,and also when betting with a Mastercard in AZ.

Easy to gamble

No. We didn’t accidentally include this under cons. However, it can be a problem. When it is easy to gamble, you are much more likely to suffer issues with your gambling. So, if you do know that you may have a gambling problem, then it may be ideal to avoid quick and easy deposit methods like Discover.

FAQ’s About Discover Card betting Arizona

Will there be fees for a Discover Card withdrawal?

If a sportsbook offers Discover Card withdrawals, then yes, there will be fees involved. This is going to be the same for any withdrawal method that you use. It is not unique to Discover.

Why do some sportsbooks in Arizona not accept Discover Card?

As the cost of accepting Discover is far too high. It also involves setting up a payment method that barely anybody uses.

Can You Use Discover Prepaid Cards at Sportsbooks in Arizona?

Yes. If a sportsbook accepts Discover, then any card with the Discover logo on it should be fine if you want to gamble.

Does Discover charge higher interest on gambling transactions?

It depends on your card. Some may not necessarily charge higher interest rates on gambling transactions, but they may exclude gambling from the interest-free period.

Can you use bonuses with your Discover Card?

Yes. Most sports betting bonuses can be used in conjunction with your Discover Card.