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Moneyline betting Arizona

This quick guide shines a light on (almost) everything you need to know about winning Moneyline bets! Even though there are lots of sports bets to pick and choose from, Moneyline betting in Arizona remains the most popular. These kinds of bets are easy to understand, easy to place, and easy to win! So it’s not hard to understand why Moneyline odds in Arizona are so popular.

Overview of Moneyline betting – Arizona

Moneyline wagers only require that you pick who you think is going to win a particular game. That’s it – that’s all there is to them!

These bets are super beginner-friendly and very easy to get into. They’re also easy to follow along with and have the potential for big payoffs, too.

There’s a lot to like as a newbie sports bettor in Arizona, as well as a more advanced and experienced sports betting veteran. In the rest of this quick guide, we run through:

  • How to win more Moneyline bets in Arizona
  • Picking the right sports that offer great Moneyline action
  • A couple of strategies to handicap these bets more effectively and
  • How to choose the right sportsbook for you going forward

Shall we get started?

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Winning Moneyline bets in Arizona


Winning Moneyline wagers in Arizona comes down to picking the winner at the end of the final whistle. Nothing else matters. Not the final score, not the margin of victory. Only the actual winner matters.

The beautiful thing about these kinds of bets is that you don’t have to worry about:

  • How much a team wins or loses by
  • Whether or not specific prop bets get hit or
  • Whether or not the teams combined for a specific score that’s either higher or lower than what sportsbooks set

All you have to do is choose the winner and have them come out on top. Of course, you’ll get paid out right away when you pull that off!

Another cool thing about the Moneyline is that the betting odds in AZ tell you how much money you are going to win on each bet. The odds on underdogs say how much each $100 will win you. The favorite odds tell you how much you have to bet to win $100.

For example, let’s say that you’re thinking about placing a wager on the Phoenix Suns versus the Los Angeles Lakers. You’ve got Phoenix playing at home and three of the Lakers starting five on the injury list.

Moneyline NBA odds might look something like this:

  • Phoenix -250
  • Los Angeles +135

Right away, this tells you that Phoenix is the favorite (because they have the negative number). But it also tells you that you’d have to wager $250 to win $100 for a total payout of $350.

It lets you know that Los Angeles is the underdog (because they have a positive number). You also know that every $100 wager you make will payout $135 for a total of $235, too.

Sports with Moneyline odds in Arizona


It’s going to be pretty tough to find sports that aren’t really conducive to Moneyline betting. Remember, we’re talking about a “straight-up” style pick. All you have to do is choose who you think will be the winner at the end of the competition.

Moneyline NFL, Moneyline NBA, Moneyline MLB, and Moneyline NHL action is especially popular. And not just here in Arizona, but all across the United States. You can also do Moneyline action in head-to-head competitions in:

  • Racing
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Mixed martial arts and UFC
  • Boxing…

…and any other competition where there are two people (or more) squaring off against each other with a single winner. The other cool thing about how a Moneyline works is that the odds are always going to look very similar. It doesn’t matter what kind of sport you’re betting on, either. Again, that all comes back to the fact that all you’re doing is picking a winner.

Here’s how to handicap Moneyline betting in AZ

Handicapping Moneyline sports betting Arizona is usually pretty simple and straightforward. Sure, you’re going to want to break down how each team stacks up against the other. But other than that, things are pretty straightforward.

There’s also a lot of analytics that can shine a light on a potential outcome to help you make smarter picks. Pay attention to the line action, and you’ll see where the money is coming in before you place your own bet.

Most of the time, with a Moneyline bet, you can handicap with nothing more than a look at who is going up against who.

You can dig deeper into how a Moneyline works when it comes to handicapping, though. A great way to start is looking at opening and closing odds and lines movement. That will give a feel for how sportsbooks really think about the outcome of a game or match.

Opening lines

Opening lines are always indicative of how a sportsbook feels since these are their first “gut instinct” set of odds. Then, as the lines move, lines are usually influenced by public money and sharp money.

A lot of that movement is done to keep the money as even on both sides of the books as possible.

Compare how lines open and how they close, though. You’ll start to get a feel for how different books handle running the odds, moving the Moneyline, and where the real value is.

Pick a sportsbook that offers great Moneylines in Arizona

The best way to handicap Moneyline action in Arizona is to pick the right sportsbook to place your wagers with.

New players specifically are going to want to be sure that they only work with 100% legitimate operations. These solid sportsbooks offer great odds, plenty of games to place wagers on, and a clean interface.

That makes a world of difference when betting the Moneyline.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the top Moneyline Arizona sportsbooks to pick and choose from right now:

  • BetMGM – Reputable, always up-to-date moneyline odds
  • DraftKings – Mobile-first, clean user interface easy to wager on Moneylines
  • FanDuelLive betting and great Moneyline parlay betting action
  • William Hill – Almost unlimited wager opportunities
  • Caesars Sports – Always up-to-date Moneyline odds
  • Bally Bet – Fast payouts and great bonuses
  • WynnBET Sportsbook – Wide range of wager options and banking choices
  • Unibet – Fast, safe, and reputable operations

FAQ’s About Moneyline bets Arizona

How do I break down Moneyline odds Arizona sportsbooks offer?

The easiest way to have the Moneyline explained is to look for the team with the (-) and (+). That lets you know who the favorite and underdogs are for that game. After that, you’ll want to look at just how much money you have to bet to win $100 (or how much you have to bet to win $100). That gives you a good idea of what sportsbooks feel is likely to happen when the final whistle blows.

Are there easy ways to win Moneyline bets in Arizona?

The easiest way to win more Moneyline bets is to follow the teams that you are going to pick going forward. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time making Moneyline NFL bets or Moneyline NBA bets, focus on two or three teams. This will let you know who has the best team during most matches. That means you’ll know who has the best chances to win on any given night. That’ll translate into the best opportunities to get paid with Moneyline Arizona action.

Should I put money on heavy favorites to win?

The public loves to put money on heavy favorites. They absolutely love it! This means that there’s often a lot of undercover value for betting the underdog. There’s even more value for underdogs that have short odds, too. These are the kinds of underdogs that aren’t that far from being decided the favorite, according to the sportsbook. If those underdogs are also playing at home – home-field advantage favors bettors – they are worth a closer look. Short odds, home field underdogs have the potential to pay out big time when making a Moneyline bet.

Can Moneyline bets be parlayed?

Absolutely! Moneyline parlay bets are some of the most popular parlays around because they are so simple and so straightforward. If you have a whole day of football in front of you, getting to place Moneyline wagers on a bunch of them is a lot of fun. Parlaying them together, though, takes that to the next level. Roll these wagers up into a “super pick” for more risk but potentially much higher payouts.