Bet365 Arizona

Bettors have a lot to look forward to with the online sportsbook Bet365. With its exciting welcome offer, regular betting promotions, and host of betting features, we think it makes a great option for Arizona sports bettors. In this review, we’ll discuss Bet365’s best features and benefits, as well as its mobile betting service, withdrawal and deposit setup, customer support, and so much more. Keep reading to learn what makes this sportsbook so special.

Bet365 Arizona review


This review will tell you all about the perks that Bet365 offers to Arizona sports bettors, and you’ll be able to consider whether it’s the right sportsbook for you.

With a range of sports betting categories, generous parlay features, and a sign-up welcome offer that you will enjoy, you have a lot to look forward to. We think it’s a great sportsbook for beginners and seasoned bettors alike.

Bet365 Arizona features

Bet365 has a host of exciting features that make it stand out among other Arizona sportsbooks. Take a look at its bet-building functions, live betting features, and more.

Bet365 parlay building features

Parlay betting is an exciting way to combine predictions and take a chance at bigger winnings. Lucky for bettors, Bet365 has multiple parlay builders, each allowing bettors to customize up to 12 betting selections.

Try out their parlay builders for tennis, soccer, basketball, or Australian rules on either the desktop or mobile version. Some of the eligible selections include money lines, spreads, totals, points, and more. You can easily choose a market, calculate your odds, and reuse previous selection combinations. Beware, though, as bet edits do not apply to built parlays.

Bet365 live event streaming

Live streaming makes live betting that much better. And with Bet365, eligible customers get live streaming and event coverage. If you have a funded account and have placed a bet within the last 24 hours, you can utilize this feature. Watch live coverage of Europe’s major soccer leagues, tennis matches, and more.

Cash-out feature

The Bet365 cash-out feature is advantageous because it allows bettors to get a payout before the game is over. You can either cash out your entire winnings, or you can cash out partial winnings and leave the rest for the remainder of the game. You can use this feature on the following bets in sports like tennis, cricket, soccer, and basketball:

  • Pre-match
  • In-play
  • Straight bets
  • Parlay bets

More Bet365 features

Bet365 offers several other features, including event betting for the Olympic Games, an odds on list, bet editor, live golf tracker, match live, and more.

Bet365 app for mobile betting in Arizona

We think you’ll enjoy Bet365’s mobile experience as much as you’ll like the desktop experience. This is because the Android- and Apple-friendly mobile betting app in AZ, for the sportsbook lets bettors make all qualifying bets quickly and conveniently. Bet on all the major sports as well as horse racing, with specialized horse racing betting, features included.

The other great features you get include bet builders, cash out, alerts, personalized display, live streaming, statistics, news updates, security features, and more.

Bonuses at Bet365 Arizona


Bet365 offers Arizona bettors multiple ways to get rewarded for betting, including a generous welcome offer and other regular promotional offers.

Welcome bonus

There is a deposit match for opening a new account that rewards bettors in the form of bet credits. The deposit match goes up to $500, but you have to deposit a minimum of $10. You have to first make a qualifying bet and settle it before you receive the credit. Once you do, you can use the bet credits to make a risk-free bet.

Promotional offers

In addition to the welcome bet credit bonus, there are other offers to take advantage of. Some of the most popular include the early payout offers (NHL, NBA, WNBA, etc.) and parlay bonuses of at least 70% (tennis and multi-sport). Other offers include concessions for MLB games that get called early, no score tie offers, and more.

Types of bets you can make with Bet365 AZ


In addition to a long list of sports to bet on, there is also a long list of betting types to take part in. You get to make live bets, straight bets, parlays, and more. Take a look at what these different bets entail.

Types of sports to bet on – Bet365 AZ

There are over two dozen sports categories for bettors to take advantage of with Bet365. Along with various soccer betting chances (including Euro 2020, UEFA, the Americas, Internationals, and virtual soccer), you also get to bet on rugby, motorsports, basketball, football, lacrosse, water polo, golf, handball, tennis, boxing, and more.

The list of virtual sports categories offers a large variety, too. These include greyhound racing, harness racing, basketball, football, soccer, speedway, cycling, stock cars, horse racing, darts, cricket, and tennis. Several of these virtual sports categories offer multiple leagues and categories to bet on, as well.

Bet365 Arizona live bets

Have you ever passed up on a game bet then wanted to change your mind and place a wager after the game started? Well, live betting lets you do just this. Bet365 supports live betting for certain sporting events, and you can do so at an advantage with live streaming and game updates.


Parlays are another common bet made in online sports betting, and Bet365 is a big supporter of this type of bet specifically. Bettors who want to make high-risk and high payout bets can do so with the parlay functions on the site.

Take advantage of the parlay builders for several major sports that let you choose up to 12 selections. Additionally, make use of the parlay bonus offers and the ability to make parlay bets on your mobile device.


Futures are particularly exciting bets that give bettors a lot to look forward to. Futures are bets you get to make on the future outcome of a long-lasting series, championship, or tournament. Futures are common in NBA betting when it comes to March Madness, as well as the Olympic Games and other events.

Bet365 lets you bet on outright winners in various sports, including hockey, tennis, soccer, baseball, and more, and you can take a chance at winning big.

Futures are sometimes referred to as outrights. You will often hear them referred to as outrights in various other sports such as cycling or racing sports, where you bet on the final winner.

Prop bets

If you’ve ever felt like outcome-based bets are too much pressure for you, then you might consider trying your luck at prop bets. Prop bets are fun because you can place them on almost any sport, and Bett365 supports prop betting on many of its sports categories.

A prop bet in football could look like betting on which team will score the first field goal. Or, in soccer, it could look like betting on which player you think will receive a penalty card.

Additionally, Bet365 supports the following prop bets for NBA betting:

  • Team props
  • Quarter props
  • Player props
  • Half props
  • Game props

Bet365 over/under bets

Bet365 also supports over/under bets, which are essentially bets on whether the total combined points of a game or match will end up over or under the sportsbook’s predicted “total.” One example of over/under betting on Bet365 is in soccer, where you can make goals over/under bets.

In this case, you are essentially betting whether the total number of goals scored in the game will fall over or under the total.

Customer support with Bet365

Customer support is especially important with a sportsbook since you are entrusting your money and time with them. If you want assurance that you will get personal customer support with a sportsbook, look no further than Bet365. You not only get a customer help page on the sportsbook site; you also get various customer support contact methods.

Send in your customer queries via email, the around-the-clock support phone line or the 24/7 customer support live chat function.

Bet365 AZ sportsbook withdrawals & deposits


Your funds are also in good hands with Bet365 since you can easily and quickly deposit and withdraw fast in AZ via various banking methods. Being able to move your money around quickly is key to a good betting experience.

With Bet365, you not only have the exclusive Bet365 Mastercard you can open for instant deposits, withdrawals, and ATM use; you also have a host of other options, each of which has no sportsbook fees associated with them.

Other methods include Visa and Mastercard, Skrill, online banking, cash, Paypal, Paynearme, and Paysafecard. Note that some of these methods are deposit-only methods (online banking, Paysafecard, and Paynearme) and that deposit minimums and maximums will vary depending on the method.

Security and protection

Part of your customer experience also entails the trustworthiness of the sportsbook and the type of security you get with them. Bet365 values your privacy, owing to the site’s extensive security features. You will get a username and password, the option to add strong authentication, and account activity monitoring.

Bet365 sportsbook in Arizona FAQ’s

Which deposit method has the fastest processing time with Bet365?

Luckily, each of the deposit methods at Bet365 has an instant processing time.

Which withdrawal method has the fastest processing time with Bet365?

The fastest processing time is instant processing, and you can get this speed with either cash or the Bet365 Mastercard.

What is the highest deposit limit with Bet365?

E-wallet deposit methods like Skrill offer the highest limit at $38,000.

What is the highest withdrawal limit with Bet365?

Again, Skrill’s e-wallet service offers the highest limit when it comes to Bet365 withdrawals, and it is a whopping $38,000.

What is the best sport to bet on?

There is no right answer to this question, but in general, bettors should bet on the sports they know the most about and continue to study the stats and trends.