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Tennis Betting In Arizona

On this page, we will discuss three specific things you should look at before Tennis betting in Arizona, the different ways you can bet on Tennis, and what you need to look for in a Tennis betting site, such as the odds, user experience, and bonuses.

Online Tennis betting in AZ

Tennis betting in AZ is a great choice for beginners, especially if you have a basis of Tennis knowledge. It is easy to understand the key statistics, there are a few betting options, and it is offered on most betting sites (though you may need to dig for a more in-depth experience).

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Betting on Tennis in Arizona


While there are plenty of areas to focus on in Tennis, keying in on these three can help you get started or boost your ability to predict in a crunch. Then, if all else fails, reverting to these basics will give you a decent idea of the outcome of any match.

Head to head record – Tennis betting AZ

The first thing you should look at before betting on a Tennis match is the head-to-head record between two Tennis players. There are a few ways to go about this.

If you want to deal with a larger pool of information, you need players who have played against each other multiple times. This will give you specific information that explains how the two perform when placed against each other.

The downside of that is that oddsmakers have access to this information as well. So these Tennis matches are going to have betting odds set that make it more difficult to profit off of them.

If you want a chance at better gains, then you should look at lesser-known Tennis players or matches where the opponents have not interacted previously. Again, because there is less specific information, the odds will work better in favor of your wallet.

In these cases, you will need to have a better understanding of the players as individuals.

Surfaces – Tennis betting Arizona

There are five main surface types for Tennis courts:
  • Clay
  • Grass
  • Acrylic hard courts
  • Synthetic hard courts
  • Carpet

Each of these affects things like ball and player movement, which means they affect each player’s performance in different ways. As you look into Tennis players, you will find that many players favor certain surface types. The most blatant example of this is Rafael Nadal’s dynamic performance on clay.

A player’s strengths can also indicate which surface they will excel on. Those who are heavy servers tend to do better on either acrylic or synthetic hard courts. This is considered a “fast” surface, and they amplify the velocity of the serve.

Something that was difficult to return before is near impossible once it bounces off the hard court. Alternatively, serve-and-volley players seem to benefit more from softer grass courts. These tend to produce shorter points using their favored method.

Taking surfaces into consideration is a valuable addition to head-to-head determinations. A specific surface type can tip the scale between two players that are otherwise evenly matched.

The recent form of the Tennis players

There are a few specific things to look at when considering the form of a Tennis player. It is not uncommon for players to take a break every once in a while, but you should know how they perform coming out of that break.

Older Tennis players tend to benefit from resting, especially leading up to major Tennis tournaments, but some do poorly when they do finally hit the court. It is your job to figure out which category these players fall into before using form to determine your bet. Things like injuries or confidence can also affect form.

You do not need to be a medical professional to infer how injuries can affect performance, but some specific things to consider are:

  • How long did the injury put them out?
  • Have they completely recovered?
  • Are there any long term effects that could influence their performance

Injuries and poor performance can also do a lot of damage to player confidence. Look for any instances where they dealt with these setbacks before for information on how they deal with them.

Ways to bet on Tennis in AZ


Tennis Moneylines – AZ

Moneyline bets are going to be your most straightforward option, though, in Tennis, you may see them as “to win a match.” Each Tennis player will have odds placed on them based on their perceived chance to win, and you can easily figure out what you stand to gain.

With the American odds system, the underdog will have odds that start with a positive number (+120). This tells you that you will win $120 for every $100 you bet (as long as they win the match).

The favored player is indicated using a negative number (-120). This number indicates that if you want to win $100 you will have to first wager $120.

Tennis Spread bets in Arizona

A spread bet requires the Tennis player to cover a certain number of games. This means that if the spread on the player is -2.5 they will need to win by three or more games to win the bet.

However, if the spread is +2.5 they will only need to win one more game than the other player or be within two games.

This is because the spread adds or takes away. In the case of the first player, they have 2.5 wins taken from their final results. For the second Tennis player, they have 2.5 added, so even if they lose the match, they can still win the spread bet.

Total Tennis sets

The total sets played is another straightforward betting option, and you will usually see it as:
  • Over 2.5
  • Under 2.5

If the match is completed in just two sets, then the under bet wins. However, if the match goes onto the third set, then the over bet will win. With these, you can expect odds to be associated with winnings.

Tennis Futures

Your future bets cover any long-term predictions, like tournament winners or title holders. These are all things that can not be determined in a single match, and the farther out your place your bet, the more you stand to win.

Tennis Props

On that same note, props are bets placed (usually on a single match) on things that do not affect the outcome of the match.

These include things like:

  • Who will win the first set
  • How many a player will win by
  • The total number of games played

Prop bets stand to give you a better chance at earning money off Tennis online betting Arizona because the odds are more in the bettors’ favor.

Live Tennis betting in Arizona

Tennis has one of the most popular live betting markets in Arizona. If you decide to bet live, you need to pay close attention to the match and understand how players respond to exact situations.

In live Tennis betting in AZ, you can expect the odds to change after every point. In a tournament, you should also have the option to bet on who will win the upcoming match.

Tennis betting sites in Arizona



This is the most important thing to consider. Online Tennis betting sites are going to be dealing with your money and sensitive information. When looking around, make sure you consider their history and reputation. Also, look for any complaints made against the sportsbook.

Tennis betting sites should also be licensed and regulated. This information varies depending on the sportsbook and the state, but they should be forthcoming with the information so you can further investigate. Most of the time, you can find it by searching “sportsbook name + licensing”, but do not hesitate to contact their customer service if not.

Variety of Tennis betting options

They need to have the betting options you plan on using. Most online Tennis sportsbooks in AZ offer win bets, so you want to dig deeper and look for prop bets and future bets.

You should also make sure they offer the events you want to bet on, including smaller tournaments. Most betting sites will make sure to cover US Open betting in AZ or Wimbledon, but events like the Canadian Open offer fantastic betting opportunities as well.

User Interface of the Tennis betting site

You may think you can overcome a poor interface, but more often, it will get the better of you.

Sites that have interfaces that are hard to navigate cost you time in trying to find what you want. They can also cost you money as you make mistakes and miss betting opportunities.

Tennis betting sites that we recommend

The following Tennis betting sites meet our criteria for how a Tennis betting site should look like and what they should offer to Arizonians.

  • BetMGM Tennis has a $500 bonus, some of the best odds on Football, Basketball and Baseball, and they have betting options for ATP, WTA, and ITF Men. This is not the most diverse set of options, but you cannot go wrong as a beginner.
  • Unibet Tennis sportsbook will give you two bonuses: $500 and $1,500. PointsBet has a strong live betting interface, making it the perfect choice for in-game bets.
  • DraftKings Tennis lets you have one $500 insurance bonus bet. They follow more Tennis circuits than most sportsbooks, making them a strong contender for betting on smaller tournaments and matches.
  • FanDuel offers better pricing on future and props bets, two types that are key to winning big in Tennis. They also offer a hefty $1,000 No Sweat First Bet bonus.
  • William Hill is another great choice for new bettors because they also give tips on betting to accompany their wide selection. You will get up to $500 for an insurance bonus bet.

FAQ Tennis online betting sites in AZ

Should you specialize in Tennis betting on a specific circuit?

If you are just starting, it is a good idea to specialize on a circuit before branching out. This narrows the amount of work you need to do to stay up to date on players and tournaments.

How many Arizona sportsbooks do you need?

You can get by with just one sportsbook, but utilizing two or more will give you the most betting options. Having multiple sportsbooks will also allow you to shop around for odds.

Is it bad to bet on Tennis favorites in AZ?

Betting on favorites is usually considered safe, but there is no guaranteed winner in any Tennis match. Therefore, betting on favorites limits your potential wins, and it does not always guarantee you will see a payout.

Should you keep a record of your bets in Arizona?

You should keep a record of your bets. This will help you to see how much money you are wagering and winning. It will also give you the chance to reflect on bets you made, why you made them, and things you did right or wrong.

Should you bet on value or safety?

Betting on value is more lucrative than betting on safety. Though valuable bets may be perceived as riskier, with the proper knowledge, you can make them work for you. On the other hand, safe bets are not always guaranteed.