Orange Bowl betting Arizona

With Orange Bowl betting Arizona now legal, you are probably itching to get into it. On this page, we will tell you how to get started when you bet on the Orange Bowl in AZ, including the best sportsbooks, available promos and bonusess.

Introduction to Orange Bowl betting Arizona

The Orange Bowl is the second oldest college bowl in the United States. It is no surprise that Orange Bowl betting is so popular. Getting started is simple too. Once you have selected a sportsbook, you are on a mission to track down the best Orange Bowl betting odds.

Of course, you shouldn’t be adding that Orange Bowl betting line to your bet slip before you have carried out your research. You will love betting on this wonderful event.

Best Orange Bowl betting sites in AZ

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Bet on the Orange Bowl in AZ


If you are planning on getting started and bet on the Orange Bowl in AZ, there are three things that you need to understand. We are going to talk about each of these in a little bit more depth throughout this page. For now, let’s give you a quick overview.

Selecting a site when you bet on the Orange Bowl in AZ

In order to bet on the Orange Bowl in Arizona, you need somewhere that offers Orange Bowl betting markets. Somewhat surprisingly, not every sportsbook in AZ will offer this prestigious event. This means that you may need to hunt around a little bit (or skip to the next section for some recommendations!). Good Arizona online sportsbooks will meet the following criteria:

  • Decent betting odds
  • A large variety of betting markets to choose from.
  • Great customer support
  • A number of withdrawal and deposit options
  • Live gambling on the Orange Bowl and other NCAA football betting
  • Mobile betting, preferably via an app. A good mobile site will also work wonders.

Betting markets

Once you have selected a sportsbook to gamble at, you are going to need something to bet on. These will be your betting markets. We will talk more about this shortly. Betting markets include betting on the winner of a game (moneyline), betting on certain events to happen in the game (prop bets), etc.

Orange Bowl betting odds

It is vital that you learn how to read betting odds. This way you can work out how much you could potentially win from a bet and see whether it is worth the risk that you are taking.

Best sportsbooks for Orange Bowl betting Arizona


Let’s start by helping you to find a sportsbook in Arizona for the Orange Bowl. As we said before, not every Arizona sports betting site is going to offer Orange Bowl betting. Since we do not really want you to be hunting around for something that may be tricky to find, we have put in the hard work for you. This is a list of what we believe are the best sportsbooks in Arizona.

Remember, since no sportsbook is going to consistently offer the best CFP betting odds, you may want to check out a couple of these in the lead-up to the Orange Bowl

Available Orange Bowl betting markets


Now that you have selected a sportsbook, you can start to look at the available betting markets. There are a few. In this section, not only do we want to tell you how the various betting markets work, but we want to give you an overview of who we feel they are going to be the best for.

Orange Bowl moneyline bets AZ

Let’s start with the simplest bet. If you are a newcomer, then this is the betting market that is often going to first spring to mind.

With a moneyline bet, you are going to be betting on who you believe is going to win the Orange Bowl. These bets tend to offer the lowest returns, but they also carry the least amount of risk.

Orange Bowl point spread bets

Orange Bowl point spreads sit on that line between beginner and intermediate bets. They are not exactly the most difficult bet in the world to win, but they will still take a bit of research.

As you may well know, when you head into the Orange Bowl, there will always be a favorite. This is why betting on the moneyline is easy. You just go for the favorite and you have a strong chance of winning some cash.

Orange Bowl point spreads are designed to put the two teams on a level playing field. These bets essentially give the favorite a point handicap that they need to overcome. If they fail to overcome the handicap or the underdog wins, then the underdog is the winner for the bet.

Since Orange Bowl only comes once per year, we recommend you go for this one rather than just the standard moneyline bet.

Orange Bowl over under bets

Over/under bets can be seen as beginner bets if you know how to do your betting research.

With these bets you are attempting to bet on the total combined score for the first two teams. You don’t have to bet on it exactly, though. You just have to bet whether it is going to be larger or smaller than a certain number, hence the name.

Sometimes these bets are referred to as ‘totals’.

Orange Bowl prop bets

Prop bets are when we finally creep into the territory of advanced bets. These are the ones designed purely for experienced gamblers as not only are they risky, but they require that you have a proper understanding of how the teams and players perform.

The previous two betting markets related to how the game ends up. Prop bets focus on everything else. This may be the performance of individual players, or it may focus on what happens on the field. Sportsbooks will be packed to the brim with prop bets as this is where they make the most money. Here are the most common prop bets:

  • Who wins the coin toss
  • Passing yards for an individual player
  • The first team to score a touchdown
  • The first player to score a touchdown

Orange Bowl parlay bets

Parlay bets are not a specific bet type. Instead, they are combined bets. With most sportsbooks, you can select several bets and parlay them. For example:

  • A team to win by 3 points with their star player to score a touchdown

That would be an example of a parlay bet.

In order to win a parlay bet, everything on that bet needs to ‘win’. So, in this case, if the team won by 2 points and their star player scored a touchdown, it would not be a winning bet.

These bets are tough to win.

Orange Bowl live betting

Again, this is not going to be a specific bet. Instead, you will be betting while the game is happening. These are known as in-play bets. They are great if you are watching the Orange Bowl on TV.

Betting on other Bowl games in AZ

On select online sportsbooks in Arizona you´re able to bet on most college bowl games, for example:

How to read Orange Bowl betting odds – AZ


Finally, let’s talk a little bit about how to read betting odds.

Favorite betting odds

The betting odds for the favorite will look like this:

  • -150
  • -69
  • -104
  • -100

Notice that they all have a – next to them? This will apply to all betting odds for favorites. The number can change.

What the number tells us is how much we would have to bet if we wanted to win $100. So, if the odds read as -150, then the following would apply:

  • A bet of $150 would win you $100 (plus your initial stake for $250 total)
  • Bets of $75 would return $50 + $75
  • A bet of $15 would return $10 + $15

Underdog betting odds

Underdog betting odds will look similar to this:

  • +150
  • +125
  • +300
  • +150

Notice how they all start with a +?

The number that you see is the amount you would win if you bet $100. So, the following would apply with +150 odds:

  • $100 returns $150 + $100 initial stake
  • $50 returns $75 + $50 initial stake
  • $10 returns $15 + $10 initial stake

FAQs About Orange Bowl betting Arizona

Is Orange Bowl betting in Arizona legal?

Yes. If a sportsbook is legally allowed to operate in Arizona and you live in Arizona, then you will be able to gamble on the Orange Bowl.

When does Orange Bowl betting become available?

As soon as the teams for the next Orange Bowl are known, betting will become available. Although, you may not want to bet right away. Do some research first.

What is the minimum bet you can place on the Orange Bowl?

It does depend on the sportsbook. However, it is unlikely that there would be a minimum. At most sportsbooks, you can start betting at just a couple of cents.

What is the best Orange Bowl betting market for beginners?

New gamblers should probably stick to Orange Bowl point spreads or moneyline bets.

Do all sportsbooks in Arizona offer Orange Bowl betting?

No. It tends only to be the sportsbooks that normally offer college sports, and these can be few and far between.