NASCAR betting Arizona

NASCAR betting in Arizona is offered by several online sportsbooks, but the odds can be a bit confusing. In this guide, we’ll help you get a grip on how to wager on NASCAR in AZ.

NASCAR betting guide AZ

From making your way through odds and figuring out who to bet on and how, you might need some guidance, especially if you’re a first-time bettor.

If you are, you’ve come to the right place. We have the scoop on the best sportsbooks on the web, as well as a look at the top betting lines for NASCAR in Arizona. If you’re into the game and are looking for other ways to get in and interact, placing a wager could be just the thing.

Best NASCAR betting in AZ

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Top 5 NASCAR sportsbooks in Arizona


Want to bet on NASCAR in Arizona? Try out these top AZ NASCAR betting sites to get great welcome offers and plenty of betting opportunities.

BetMGM NASCAR sportsbook AZ

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  • Bonuses and promos
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PointsBet NASCAR odds

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DraftKings NASCAR lines

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FanDuel NASCAR lines

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Key features:

  • Lots of interactive betting opportunities
  • Downloadable app
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William Hill

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Key features:

  • A trusted name in sports betting for several years
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NASCAR betting lines in Arizona


You might be thinking about the types of bets that you can make for NASCAR. Most of them are just like other sports, where you’ll have to take a look at NASCAR betting odds before you start. So before you bet, check out these top betting types for NASCAR, which include:

The money line – NASCAR

This is one of the most common wagers when it comes to motorsports betting i Arizona, where bettors can pick the overall winner. In the case of NASCAR, it’s a bit different, as there is just one player competing. Still, you can take a look at NASCAR odds and pick the driver you think will take it all.

To make this bet, let’s put some things into perspective. Let’s say that we have Kyle Busch (-600) and Kevin Harvick (+300). In this example, the odds are tilted in Busch’s favor, where he is predicted to win. However, to bet on him, you’d have to put down $600 in order to win $100.

On the other hand, if you take the underdog, Harvick, your $100 bet will win you $300 if he makes it across the finish line first. So though the odds are much better for Harvick, the chances that he will win are low, something that you should consider before making your bet.

Place betting NASCAR

Because it’s a race, you can also bet on the order that drivers cross the finish line. This is known as place betting, which usually comes with better odds and better buy-in prices. For place betting, you could bet on the top three, the top five, or even the top ten.

You should take a look at the odds, all the same, taking a look at who’s predicted to place and who’s not.

Prop bets – NASCAR

Prop bets are a type of sports bet that covers just about everything else. In props bets, you could bet on how a team will perform or how an individual will perform. No matter the case, you can typically choose from a few different types, which include:

  • The carmaker that will win the race
  • The number of crashes during the race
  • The number of caution laps will

NASCAR – Fastest lap bets

As each driver makes it around the track and across the finish line, lots of stats are recorded. One of them is how fast the first one to cross is going, which is something that you can bet on. This is a great bet because it doesn’t have much to do with how the driver performs until the end.

Instead, it takes a look at how each one performs per lap, something that could be more exciting than waiting until the whole thing is over.

Matchup bets – NASCAR

For two drivers that butt heads, you can bet on the head-to-head. This bet will look at the two up against each other and no one else, and you can predict how they will perform against one another.

It doesn’t matter how they do in the race as a whole, just how they do compare to one another, something that could pay off more than picking a clear winner. You could also mix up your bets and add this one in for a higher chance to win. The more bets you have, the more fun the race.

NASCAR live betting

While the race is going on and you’re watching cars zoom past one another to try and make it to the top spot, you can log in and place a bet at any time, especially if you think that you have a good idea about what’s going to happen next.

You can bet on NASCAR live and choose who will cross the finish line first during a lap or even place a last-minute wager if you think the lap will result in a car accident.

NASCAR betting guide in Arizona


Apart from understanding the types of bets that you can make with NASCAR, we’d also like to share some key tips that can change the way you bet. When you’re off and ready to bet at an Arizona sports betting site, keep these things in mind.

Past matchups

One of the most effective NASCAR betting tips is to take a look at past matchups. The way that drivers performed in the same terrain and similar situations is a great way to solidify your NASCAR betting picks.

Also, look at crashes, driving styles, injuries, and rivalries. All of these could be the make or break as to who walks away from the final as the winner of the race.

Car build

Teams are always going back to the drawing board when it comes to creating the next big thing. They will use a mix of engines and other packages to make their car more aerodynamic, all while meeting the required weight limits.

Taking a look at these things, you could have a good idea about how drivers will perform. If a driver is hitting the track with something new, you’ll know that they might not perform as well. On the contrary, if they’re with a package they’re comfortable with, it could be smooth sailing.

It’s a team effort

It might come as a surprise but, when the driver crosses the finish line, their team comes with them. A lot of times, taking a look at collaborations or deals between teams is a good indicator of how a match will turn out. Maybe two drivers tag team and attempt to keep a competitor behind. Keep your eyes peeled for hints on social media and other sources on the web.

FAQ’s About NASCAR betting Arizona

Can I bet on NASCAR live in AZ?

Yes, you can. As the race is going on, you can log in to your sportsbook and place a bet on several things within each lap, and even predict the end result.

How can I bet on NASCAR in Arizona?

There are many bets that you can make when it comes to NASCAR. From predicting the overall winner to predicting the time it will take for drivers to cross the finish line, you can place your bets on just about anything.

What is the best AZ sportsbook for NASCAR bets?

There are lots of sportsbooks out there, and a lot of them offer NASCAR betting. Still, you should take the time to choose a good one, making sure they are both safe and filled with promos and bonuses. All of those that we listed above are a good place to start, especially if you want a safe and interactive place to bet.

Where can I find NASCAR odds and predictions?

You can check out predictions on the web in many places. One of the key places is on sportsbooks right before you bet. You can also take a look at top sports bloggers or even head over to YouTube to see what some of the top analysts have to say.

What’s the best bet for NASCAR?

You can bet on everything from the overall winner to the make of the car that will cross the finish line first. Though the best bet depends on the odds, many bettors choose to go for the money line, picking the overall winner of the race.