Hedge Betting Arizona

The ultimate guide for Hedge Betting in Arizona. The odds are pretty good that if you’ve spent any time sports betting in the past, you’ve heard of “hedging”. But you might not know how to hedge, why it’s important, or when it offers the most value. In this detailed guide, we run through just about everything you need to know about hedge betting in Arizona.

Quick overview of Hedge betting in AZ

Believe it or not, hedge betting is actually named after literal hedges – fences, plants, and boundaries that lock in and insulate pieces of property.

To hedge in the world of sports betting really means to determine how much risk a player is willing to take on. The idea is to hedge your bets as much as possible to protect your downside while adding as much potential value on the upside as you can.

Obviously, there’s a little bit more to mastering hedge betting in Arizona these days. But that’s why we have put this detailed guide together to help you out with!

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Intro to Hedge betting in AZ


Experienced hedge betting Arizonians are always going to use this strategy to protect their potential losses while improving their potential payout. To hedge in sports simply means to put a bet (or more than one bet) on the opposite side of your initial wager. Basically a “middling strategy” to act as insurance.

In this way, you’re able to give yourself a little bit of cushion should you lose your major bet. You might not lose everything you would have thanks to your hedge paying off.

At the same time, you do decrease the initial payout from your first wager with this strategy. If you win with that first bet, the betting odds are that your hedge is going to lose, but if you set it up right – as we show in just a minute. You won’t be wiping away all of your winnings with this kind of strategic play.

Difference between hedge betting and arbitrage betting

A lot of people get “hedging my bets” confused with “arbitrage betting”, and it’s easy to understand why.

These two types of wagers are very similar. But they have distinctly different foundational strategies that separate them quite a bit, too.

With hedging sports bets, for example, the idea is to place a bet only after an initial wager has already been put down. A wager designed to lower the potential exposure and limit the risk of that first bet. The idea is to lock in profits and to reduce risk just as much as humanly possible.

On the flip side of things, those that do arbitrage betting are interested in placing multiple bets on different outcomes simultaneously.

The idea here is to capitalize on discrepancies and differences between different Arizona sportsbooks. Leveraging unique lines, line movement that hasn’t happened on one specific book yet. Or other opportunities where great value pops up for a moment but could disappear at any time.

The idea with arbitrage (compared to hedge betting Arizona strategies) is to place wagers on as many possible outcomes as possible so that you essentially guaranteed profits with one of those wagers – or a couple of them – popping for you.

Line shopping is always important when hedge betting and arbitrage betting. You’ll want to be sure that you are using the right strategy for the particular set of odds and the lines that you are looking at that moment.

Advantages of Hedging bets Arizona


The biggest advantage that hedge-betting Arizona strategies bring to the table comes from offering maximum flexibility to bettors while at the same time minimizing their level of risk as much as possible.

Just as a quick example, let’s say that you are particularly fond of putting money down on parlay-style wagers.

You might run a parlay with three individual legs. With both initial legs hitting and just one more to pay out the whole wager.

To make sure that you get paid something (instead of that final leg busting and you losing everything). You might go with a hedge – a separate wager opposite of that last leg. Guaranteed to pay you out and minimize your downside no matter what.

Of course, there is a flipside to people deciding to hedge their bets.

Hedging sports bets get pretty expensive in a hurry (you have to place multiple wagers hoping for one singular outcome). If your bankroll isn’t sufficient to cover your hedges, there’s no real reason to hedge at all.

You might be able to minimize some of your risks, but if you’re only talking about $100 (or a few hundred dollars). The odds are pretty good that it would be better to simply roll the dice, cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

At the same time, it’s possible to hedge your bets too far. Pushing your hedges past your potential profitability point and basically wiping away all of your upsides just to protect your risk.

If you find yourself in a situation where your initial bet could pay out $1000, but to hedge would cost $900. Resulting in a total potential payout of $100, you’re probably in a situation where hedging sports bets doesn’t make a lot of sense!

Hedge parlays in Arizona

Hedge betting Arizona players love to protect their downside when it comes to parlays, though.

Parlay-style wagers are always a little bit on the riskier side of things. To have to hit each individual leg of the parlay collectively to win takes the risk to the next level. Though the payouts are often significantly higher than any single wager would have had.

Hedging in these circumstances definitely makes a lot of sense!

Hedge futures in AZ

Futures bets are always a little bit of a roll of the dice. So it’s not a bad idea to hedge these kinds of bets either.

Sure, you minimize your total payout a little bit. But usually, the initial wagers aren’t that much with futures bets. So you can protect your downside without having to spend a mountain of money.

For example, let’s say that you put down a $100 futures bet for the Arizona Cardinals to win the Super Bowl next season.

Maybe you hear in training camp that the Cardinals aren’t looking so hot, but the New England Patriots are. A second bet – another $100 on the Patriots could protect your risk while improving your odds of coming home with some money at the end of the day.

Hedge a change of heart in Arizona

There are all different kinds of reasons that your idea about a specific game’s outcome might change before the betting closes on that game. Those are perfect opportunities to do some hedging for sure.

Best of all, you may be able to jump in on hedges that give you better odds than what you would have had initially. This is especially true if you spot value before a line changes, as a line changes, or as the sharp money comes in closer to game time.

Hedge a mistake – AZ

Mistakes happen in the world of sports betting, and hedging can help you minimize those mistakes completely. They can even help you turn mistakes into better bets than what you would have had otherwise.

You have to recognize the mistake that was made in time, though. Sometimes that’s a lot harder to do than anything else. So double-check your betting slip, see that everything is good to go. If you spot trouble, make sure that you hedge ASAP.

Hedge live betting

Live betting is particularly well-suited to hedge-betting Arizona players that want to be able to hedge their bets at any point in time. Just by the nature of live-action with things always changing, shifting, and adjusting on the fly.

With live betting and hedging, you’ll have the opportunity to lock in your profits, limit your losses. Sometimes break even on mistakes that didn’t look like mistakes at first. There’s a lot of flexibility and a lot of versatility with this kind of betting strategy!

Sportsbooks in Arizona to hedge your bets on


At the end of the day, though, you have to be sure that the sportsbook you have selected is going to let you hedge your bets correctly, to begin with.

This is why it’s so important to find Arizona online sports betting sites that are responsive, sportsbooks that offer real-time action. And sportsbooks that have lines and odds that update as quickly as possible.

You need to be on the best of the best sportsbooks in Arizona if you’re going to be hedging at all. Even just a couple of seconds delay can cause a line to swing one way or another pretty wildly, and you might see your hedge disappear completely!

FAQ’s About Hedge Betting Arizona

What’s the biggest benefit of hedging a bet in Arizona?

The biggest and most obvious benefit for hedge betting Arizona players is to protect and limit downside without carving into profits.

Are there any downsides to hedging bets in AZ?

Sometimes hedge bets are so expensive that you essentially eliminate any potential profit you would have gotten out of your first bet by protecting and limiting your initial risk.

Should I hedge every single bet in Arizona?

Probably not! Certain wagers are better prospects for hedge sports bets than others. This is really a sort of “case-by-case” kind of strategy!

Do hedges ever backfire?

Hedge bets can backfire for sure, especially if you are hedging with uncertain outcomes that aren’t diametrically opposed to your initial bet. So you have to be careful that you’re hedging the right things!

Is hedging a long-term profit strategy in sports betting?

At the end of the day, hedging sports bets can be a very lucrative long-term strategy. You just need to be sure that you are rolling out these kinds of wagers at the right time to improve your potential payouts and minimize your overall downside.