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Wrestling betting in Arizona

On this page we discuss the idea of betting on Wrestling in Arizona: how scripting affects bettors, the different types of bets you can place on wrestling matches, and how state-regulated sportsbooks interact with Wrestling.

Wrestling sportsbooks in AZ

In this guide to wrestling betting in Arizona and wrestling sportsbooks. We will walk you through the different aspects of betting on wrestling, what bets we can place, and various tips you can use to make your experience beneficial.

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Betting on Wrestling in Arizona: exciting betting opportunities


If you have ever seen a WWE pay-per-view match, you understand how easy it is to be entranced. However, wrestling has come a long way from refusing to admit the use of scripts. Now they are transparent about script usage, but they keep those twists under lock and key.

This means you need to look at Wrestling with a different perspective when constructing strategies, zoning in on betting types other sports available, and finding safe Arizona sports betting sites.

Isn’t wrestling scripted?

This is the first question asked anytime the words “wrestling” and “betting” are used in the same sentence, and it is a fair one.

For the most part, Wrestling is scripted, making it an entertainment sport. The exceptions here are college wrestling and Real Pro Wrestling, but you will not find nearly as many betting opportunities for those options.

Being scripted does not mean that the sport is “fake”. What happens in the ring is real entertainment, and this offers a unique perspective to entertainment betting.

Betting strategies when the sport is scripted Arizona


If you are familiar with online sportsbooks in Arizona, you will need to adapt your betting strategies a bit to accommodate sports betting. Taking things like wrestler performance and statistics are important, but not necessarily because they will determine the outcome of a match.

The wrestling writers keep these data sets in mind when they write their narratives; things need to be believable, and they are good at what they do. Keeping that in mind, there are some specific betting strategies you should incorporate when Wrestling Betting in Arizona.

Pay attention to Wrestling odds – AZ

When you are looking at the betting odds, there are a few things they can indicate. Look for pick ’em odds where either wrestler is favored to win. These will be one of your better chances of experiencing a fair bet that is not slighted.

When betting on underdogs, you should focus on those whose odds are set under +250. Anything more than that is bound to lose, whether that comes from insider information or a secure prediction by the oddsmaker.

Anytime information has been leaked, you will see massive inflation and imbalance. Avoid these bets; they are not worth your time or effort. Otherwise, oddsmakers will handicap the bets based on the same information you have available to you. This evens the playing quite a bit for wrestling betting.

Try to predict the outcome the writers will choose

The more you watch Wrestling, the more you become accustomed to its tropes. Just like movies and television shows fall into reliable patterns, wrestling writers use these tropes to give you the slightest sense of what will happen next.

If you are always on your seat or wrong, you are going to lose motivation to watch these matches, so wrestling writers construct a narrative that you can get inside.

Your job as a bettor is to pick up on these tropes. For the most part, these affect the performance and not your bet, but certain ones influence match outcomes. Look for things like feuds. Who is teaming up in these? Who is the narrative pointing as top dog, and what chance does the underdog have of coming back?

These occur a lot leading up to WrestleMania. Locking down certain feuds can give you more time to figure out what the narrative is behind a certain pair and where their story is going to go.

Wrestling betting Arizona reddit

Watching what happens outside of the ring can tell you a lot about what will happen in the match. Changes in a wrestler’s life can indicate changes in the ring.

A specific example of this that is foolproof is injuries. Injuries are a very real thing, and the writers cannot just erase them from the page. This can be seen alot on internet forums like Reddit

Anytime a wrestler is taking time off from an injury, you can expect an upset in performance. They will be far less likely to win the next match, especially if it is for a title. In addition, a recovering wrestler would be strained to try to keep up with the intense traveling schedule.

Anytime you get information on a wrestler’s outside life, you should verify it before stashing it in your mental book of betting tips. There are fake leaks meant to throw you off, so don’t take anything seriously the moment it hits your ears.

Different types of wrestling bets in Arizona


Your best bets with Wrestling will sit with prop bets, but two other popular options are your standard match win and retain title bets.

Match win

In a match win bet, you are trying to predict who will win, whether you are dealing with a match, a tournament, or a title.

These are pretty straightforward, and as long as you can predict the narrative, you should be able to figure out the winner. Look out for any “plot twists,” though. It is a good idea to consider all possibilities before putting money down on your most confident choice.

Retain title

Retain title bets are similar (you can see that you can place a match win on titles), but they give you more options.

On top of betting on a win, you can choose:

  • Disqualification
  • Count out
  • Forfeit
  • Draw
  • No contest

These give you an extra edge in your wrestling betting experience.

Prop bets

Prop bets and Wrestling go hand in hand. As with other sports, prop bets pertain to aspects of the match that are not directly linked to the result.

Because Wrestling is so performative, there are endless opportunities for you to bet on its nooks and crannies.

Examples of popular wrestling prop bets include:

  • Which wrestler will spend the most time in the ring
  • Who will win for the first time
  • Who will win first

These are a great way to enhance an already exciting pastime.

Why is it difficult to find state-regulated sportsbooks to bet on Wrestling?

It can be difficult to find a variety of wrestling betting options with renowned sportsbooks like BetMGM and PointsBet. This is not because betting on Wrestling is bad. On the contrary, these sportsbooks make a profit off uncertainties, and the betting options offered in Wrestling are a tad too certain for them because of the scripting.

A lot of the time, online sportsbooks that do offer wrestling bets will limit your bet to $50 or $100. This is to minimize the chance that someone with inside information wagers their entire bankroll and costs the sportsbooks hundreds of thousands.

That being said, there are a few major sportsbooks that will give you a few betting options. The most promising is going to be DraftKings. They announced in March 2021 that they are the official gaming partner of WWE.

While this has not led to any specific betting options, it has allowed each industry to get a feel for the other’s fans and customers, and it is a step in that direction. In addition, DraftKings did provide customers with free-to-play pools integrated with WWE events.

FanDuel has run fantasy wrestling contests in the past. This is only a few steps away from offering real match betting.

At William Hill, you do have wrestling betting options, but they are currently limited to sumo. While this sport does not garner much American attention, it is certainly an authentic betting outlet if you need something non-scripted to wager on.

FAQ’s About Wrestling betting in Arizona

What times of the year can you bet on Wrestling in Arizona?

Because there is no off-season for Wrestling, you can bet on it year-round. There are events every month. Expect betting sites to post the odds for each event about a week or two before it is scheduled.

How is Wrestling still a sport to bet on if it is scripted?

Wrestling falls into both categories of sports and entertainment, but the basis of Wrestling is that it is still a very physical activity. Therefore, wrestlers need to keep their bodies in top shape, and they need to learn how to wrestle properly to do so. Therefore, the scripting is derivative of the sport, not the other way around.

What are the most popular wrestling promotions to bet on in Arizona?

While WWE betting in Arizona is the most popular, you should also familiarize yourself with All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), Impact Wrestling, and Ring of Honor (ROH). If you want to look at wrestling circuits outside the United States, then start with Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

What should I look for in a wrestling betting site?

Any sportsbook you choose, state-regulated or not, should have coverage of events you intend to bet on, a secure system, a great reputation, compatible banking methods, and a website that is easy to navigate.

Do wrestlers ever go off script?

It is not uncommon for wrestlers to go off-script. This is one of the reasons that betting on wrestling matches can be so exciting. When a wrestler goes off script, everyone will be scrambling to accommodate the change, and it may even work in favor of your bet.