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Sports market

Sports betting is live in the state. With this addition to the gambling world, we think there is a lot to learn about the markets. So, in this article, we’ll introduce you to the realm of sports betting.

Getting started with sports

First, we’ll look into the sports to choose from when it comes to betting on sports. Then, we’ll explore the biggest pro sports teams in the state.

To get started betting on sports, you’ll want to decide which sports you feel comfortable wagering on. You don’t always need to be an expert in a sport to place a bet on it. However, in some cases, it can help to know a bit about statistics and players.

Knowing which sports you can bet on and the relevant markets will help you decide. Further, knowing about the professional teams in Arizona can help you see which players and games you’re dealing with. We’ll explore all of the above.

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Top sports to bet on


Firstly, it helps a great deal to know what types of sports you can bet on in Arizona. Below, we’ll explore 20 different sports players can enjoy betting on, including e-sports. Then, read on to learn about betting on football, betting on baseball, betting on basketball, and so much more. Finally, you can get an idea of the types of markets available at most Arizona sports betting sites.


Both NFL betting and college football betting are pertinent in the state. While NFL betting tends to be more popular, you can find relevant markets for each at most bookies. In addition to your typical money line, spread, and totals markets, football betting in AZ also involves prop bets. You can bet on special events like the Super Bowl for futures and more when it comes to the NFL.

Top events:


Baseball betting in AZ is another huge market. There are several professional leagues to bet on, including Major League Baseball and Korean baseball leagues. Markets include over/under bets, futures (World Series), props, money lines, and more.

Even if you aren’t a baseball aficionado, beginner bettors can try their hand at tons of bets. The variety is wide here since there are multiple baseball games nearly every day.


Betting on basketball in Arizona entails both college and professional leagues and teams. You can bet on the NCAA, as well as the NBA, at various bookies. Markets include the likes of NBA Championship futures, Playoffs futures, and more.

You can place prop bets, parlays, money lines, over/unders, and more when it comes to basketball betting. If you’re lucky, your chosen bookmaker might even offer live, in-game basketball betting opportunities.


Hockey betting is typically exclusive to professional teams, although you may find college markets at certain bookies. The NHL offers a wide variety of game bets to look forward to in the state. Some popular NHL bets include Stanley Cup bets, MVP bets, money lines, totals, and puck bets. It may be advantageous to have previous knowledge of hockey before you start wagering on it.


Golf betting is one of the less popular betting categories. However, several licensed providers offer it. Golf markets typically look like wagers on the PGA Championship, The Masters, The US Open, or other tournaments. These could include futures and tournament lines, among others. Since golf is a highly skilled and individualistic sport, it’s good to have some knowledge before betting on it.


Tennis betting is a widely popular sport to bet on in Arizona. The markets are extensive, including the opportunity to bet on various tournaments like Wimbledon and the US Open. Live betting is especially popular when it comes to tennis matches. Some operators even have live game updates to accompany live bets for this sport.


Motorsports betting is also growing in popularity among bettors across the country. In AZ, players can place their wagers on races in arenas like Formula 1, Moto Championships, NASCAR, and more. People typically bet on the winner of races (lines), matchups, futures, and fastest lap bets, among others.


Soccer is one of the most beloved sports worldwide and especially in European countries. What’s nice to know is that betting has plenty of chances to bet on soccer. Fifa presents exciting opportunities to place futures, and there are dozens of markets in Europe, Asia, and the United States.


Betting on rugby often involves Rugby League and/or Rugby Union markets at most books. Typical rugby bets include game lines, team prop bets, game prop bets, and half bets. Rugby is another good opportunity for beginner bettors to take part in futures. Betting on the end result of a championship is a fun way to follow a bet through a season.


E-sports betting isn’t going to exist at every operator you find. However, this area of sports betting is on the rise with the popularity of e-sports. E-sports betting is a special type of betting where you bet on video game sports. Common e-sports markets include bets on games like League of Legends, CS:GO, VALORANT, and Dota 2, among others.

Table tennis

Table tennis isn’t the most obvious choice when people think of online betting. However, believe it or not, many online bookmakers have tennis betting opportunities. While there isn’t quite as much variety in this arena, you can find match-line bets. The table tennis odds for these lines are set by the operator you are betting with.


Betting on cycling is similar to other types of race betting, such as motorsports or horse racing. The objective is to bet on the winners of races, among other wagers. Obviously, the Tour de France is a popular event that bettors wager on. Additionally, there are markets for team winners, race winners, race leaders, best young riders, and more.


Darts betting is another unconventional type of betting that bettors can try out. There is actually a World Championship as well as a World Grand Prix for the sport of darts. When betting on this sport, you’re typically betting on the winner. Sometimes these bets will come in the form of futures.


Lacrosse isn’t near as popular as some of the other sports on our list. However, it’s still common to bet on this sport at online bookmakers. This type of betting is most common in North America. Typical lacrosse bets look like money lines, totals (over/under), and spreads. Sometimes, lacrosse betting even includes college teams.


Billiards betting is an uncommon, but nonetheless valid, type of betting. Table games like billiards and table tennis are extending their way into bookies these days. One important thing to note is that you may see some betting sites advertise snooker betting and pool betting. Note that this is different from other forms of billiards betting.


Volleyball betting online includes both professional and collegiate teams. Some betting providers even include live in-game betting opportunities for volleyball wagers. Take part in bets on the Champions League, the WNCAAV, or other volleyball events at online bookies. In addition, you can bet on sets, game lines, propositions, and various other markets.


Horse-racing bets are some of the oldest types of bets out there. These have been going on for decades and now have a place in the online sphere. You can place wagers on race winners, as well as propositions about the races. Not every bookie offers horse-race betting, but those that do have considerable markets.


Wrestling betting is an extremely exciting type of betting to take part in. Most commonly, people like to bet on WWE events. Even though these events run on scripts for television, you can still wager on what goes on. In addition, people place prop bets on celebrity appearances, bets on match winners, and championship winners.


MMA betting in Arizona is similar to wrestling betting, but it has some key differences. The world of mixed martial arts is not scripted. Many operators include UFC, PFL, or Contender Series for betting markets. Common UFC bets look like round props, fight props, fight parlays, and fight lines, among others.


Boxing betting is typically less complicated on betting sites. You might not have as much variety when it comes to the markets as you do with other sports. There are fight money line bets for rounds, as well as proposition bets for the fights. You can bet on winning methods, the round of decision, and other particulars.

Pro teams to bet on in AZ


The state is home to some beloved professional sports teams across various different sports. It can be especially fun to bet on sports teams from your home state. Advantages of home state betting include better knowledge of the teams at hand.

If you’ve been following an Arizona pro team your whole life, you may have a better chance of winning. So take a look at the options you have if you take that route when betting in the state.

Betting on the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury

There are more opportunities to bet on pro basketball than pro baseball in Arizona. Teams like the Phoenix Suns (NBA) and the Phoenix Mercury (WNBA) present big opportunities to bet on pro basketball.

Betting on the Arizona Cardinals

Sports betting on the Arizona Cardinals are a popular choice when betting on the NFL in AZ. The Cardinal’s home stadium is State Farm Stadium in Glendale. The Cardinals are one of 12 teams to have never won a Super Bowl, though they did play in one.

The Cardinals’ home stadium has hosted two Super Bowls and will host another in 2023. They partnered up with BetMGM, and at home games, you’ll see plenty of BetMGM branding around the stadium.

Other pro football teams to bet on

Arizona’s professional football teams include the Arizona Rattlers, the Tucson Sugar Skulls, and the Northern Arizona Wranglers. These are each member of the Indoor Football League. Sportsbooks may or may not have betting for the Indoor Football League. This is something to keep in mind if you want to bet on pro football.

Arizona coyotes online bet

There are also professional hockey teams in the Grand Canyon State. Even though this state is hot and dry, players still hit the ice on the Arizona Coyotes team (NHL). The Tucson Roadrunners team is another pro hockey team in Arizona.

Note that they’re affiliated with the NHL Coyotes team, so they may not show up at sportsbooks so stick with the Arizona coyotes online bet for now.

AZ pro soccer teams

In Arizona, bettors can also bet on professional soccer. Among the professional sports teams in the state, there is the FC Tucson soccer club. It’s a part of the USL League One.

Sports betting options FAQ

Can you bet on sports on mobile devices?

Yes, most licensed major operators have compatible apps for mobile devices. These are usually available for both Android and iOS devices. Even if a bookmaker doesn’t have an official mobile app, they usually offer a mobile browser version of the site.

Can you bet on college sports in AZ?

Yes, in some cases, online betting sites allow gambling on college sports teams. However, there may be some restrictions. Typically, the restrictions allow that you only bet on in-state college teams. This will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, so be sure to check before you sign up.

Are there location restrictions for AZ betting?

Yes, there are location restrictions for betting in Arizona. In order to bet with licensed online bookies, you need to reside in the state. Further, you need to be there at the time of betting. Most betting sites have a geo-location feature that locates you when you log in to wager.

Is there an age restriction for betting?

Yes, just as there are legal age requirements for gambling at casinos, betting sites have them too. In the state, you must be at least 21 years old to take part in legal sports betting. You’ll have to verify your identity and your age when you register to join a betting site.

What are the best beginner bets to place?

This really depends on the sport and event you’re betting on. In general, though, money lines are a typical beginner bet to wager. They revolve around the winner of an event and are pretty straightforward.