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Horse Race betting Arizona

Horse race betting is one of the oldest forms of sports betting. However, in Arizona it is now easier and more convenient to do it. Skip the lines and the crowds, and place your bets right in the comfort of your home. And with the plethora of information on the internet, downloadable racetrack programs or daily racing forms, and guides from horse racing experts, it’s also easier to make smarter bets and increase your chances of winning.

Guide to betting on horse races AZ

In this ultimate guide to Horse Race Betting in Arizona, we’ll talk about how it works, the types of bets you can place, and some horse race betting tips that will improve your chances of winning.

We’ll also name some of Arizona’s top horse betting websites and the major horse races in the United States. You’ll learn how to bet on horse races, even if you’re a beginner.

Best AZ horse race betting

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Best online betting Arizona that offers horse race betting


Ready to make your first bet? These are some of the best horse race betting sites in Arizona. They have great features, offer regular bonuses, numerous other sports and provide convenient methods for depositing and withdrawing your winnings.


This is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the United States. You get a welcome $600 insurance bonus bet, and you don’t even need a promo code to activate it—it’s an automatic part of registration. Active, regular users are often rewarded with additional bet credits, too.

BetMGM also offers live streaming and often gives out exciting promos for important events like the Kentucky Derby. Aside from the standard “veg” that betting operators take from the winnings, BetMGM does not charge additional fees for withdrawals.


Aside from a good website and promos, PointsBet allows fixed odds betting for horse races. You pick an event and select which horses you think are going to win. The site also gives you odds for each bet.

If your selection wins, your total wins will include both the stake amount and the odds you had been given. One advantage of fixed-odds betting is that you know exactly how much money you can win before you make your bets.

Twinspires horse betting

This horse betting app has a rich history in the US. And now you can also use your phone to view the latest horse races, the odds for each horse, and then fill up your bet slip through their app.

You get an Insurance bonus bet of up to $500 when you first sign up, and there are seasonal promos for major sporting events.

Arizona – Horse race betting explained


If you’re new to Arizona sports betting, you may be wondering how it works and how to figure out where to place your first bet.

Horse betting uses the pari-mutuel wagering system. First, you buy tickets on the horse you want to bet on. Then, all the tickets for that race are pooled. The racetrack deducts a commission (called a “vig”) to cover its own expenses, and the remainder is used to pay the winners.

Several people can win a horse race, but the amount you win depends on the total pool of bets collected. The possible payout can increase if more people bet on the race or increase their wager, but it can also decrease if several people bet on the same horse, and winnings have to be divided among all of them.

So if a “favored” horse wins, you may get lower payouts. But if you bet on a longshot and he won the race, you’ll be raking in the winnings.

Types of horse racing betting Arizona

Horse betting can be as easy or as challenging as you want it, depending on the number of horses and races you consider in your bet. Here are some of the common horse race betting terms:

  • Straight bet/single-horse bet. You pick a horse and say whether it will win the race or be in the top three.
  • Daily double. You bet on several races, i.e., ‘Who will place in Race 1 and Race 2). Some horse betting sites will also let you bet on three or four races.
  • Exacta. Bet on the exact order of how two horses will finish in a race. For example, “Horse #10 will finish in the first place, and Horse #3 will come in second.”
  • Trifecta. You predict the top three horses to finish in a race in inaccurate order. To get this combo correctly, you’ll need to have a good horse race betting strategy (and probably some luck, too). But the payouts can often reach hundreds of dollars.
  • Superfectas. Feeling lucky today? This horse bet requires you to accurately predict the first four to finish a race, incorrect order.
  • Quinella. You pick two horses who will come in first and second in the race. Unlike the exacta, you don’t have to get the order correctly.
  • Pick Six. You predict the winners of six consecutive horse races.

Online horse race betting Arizona: how to get started


With the latest horse betting websites and sportsbooks in Arizona, you can place your bets on horse races around the country. Here are some benefits of online horse betting:

  • Convenience. You can bet anytime and anywhere, using just your computer or phone.
  • User-friendly interface. Rather than read a long tutorial on horse race betting, you can just use the features of the horse race betting websites and apps to guide you through the process. They are usually set up to be as intuitive as possible. The calendar of events will have all the picks and the odds laid out for you. You can just pick a bet, and it automatically goes to your ticket.
  • Bonuses and bet credits. Most websites have sign-up promos, such as the “Insurance bonus bet”: if you lose your first bet, they’ll match the amount of your first wager in bet credits. They will also offer regular seasonal promos, which can include bonus bet credits or odds boosts.
  • Live streams and updates. Watch the latest races right on the website while getting real-time updates on betting pools and the odds for each horse.

Horse betting Arizona – Events to watch out for


The biggest horse racing event is what is collectively known as The Triple Crown, which consists of these three races:

  • Kentucky Derby
  • Preakness Stakes
  • Belmont Stakes

The top thoroughbreds compete in these premiere events, so the excitement (and the stakes) are always high. The Triple Crown starts with the Kentucky Derby, which is usually held on the first Saturday of May.

There are other horse races held throughout the year. These include:

  • Breeders Cup
  • Pegasus World Cup
  • Pegasus World Turf
  • Arlington Million
  • Pacific Classic Stakes
  • Haskell Invitation
  • Santa Anita Handicap
  • Florida Derby
  • Arkansas Derby
  • Kentucky Oaks
  • Wood Memorial Stakes
  • Travers Stakes

Your horse racing website or app will usually have a calendar of events, so you’ll be able to keep tabs on all the races for each month.

Horse betting strategy in Arizona

Picking the winning horse doesn’t just depend on luck. Here are some ways to increase the chances of a successful bet.

Do your research

Look for racing forms or guides which will give information on the race (such as the location and distance of the course) and the horses competing in it. Once you know the location, you can pick up clues like whether the track has turf or dirt—some horses will do better on some kinds of tracks.

Then, check out the horses you want to bet on. First, find out their draw or their starting position. Next, get their racing history: ranks in previous races, date of their last race, lineage, age, and weight. Finally, see if this horse has won in any race that has a similar course and distance.

You may also want to do research on the horse’s jockey and trainer and if they have a good record of wins themselves.

Make different kinds of horse bets

While you hope your horse will come in first, make a place bet (which will give you winnings even if it comes in second, too). You can also bet on multiple horses (such as a quinella or trifecta bet) or on multiple races.

Experimenting with different kinds of bets not only makes it more exciting but helps you develop your skill at making a strategy.

Compare the odds in different sites

Most horse races use a pari-mutuel system, which won’t let you control the pool or the odds. However, some sites allow fixed-odd horse betting. If it does, compare the odds of different apps or providers.

FAQ’s About Horse Race betting Arizona

Where can I find information on the horses?

Look for racetrack programs, the DRF or daily racing form, or public handicapper selections. While you can find some free tip sheets, these usually are sold from $1 to $4.

What is the minimum bet I can make?

Horse betting websites will have their own policies, but usually, the minimum bet is $5.

What’s a “safe” or easy bet for beginners?

Check the reviews and the history of the site. You can also check if the site is licensed by a betting regulator. You can find the “seal” of betting regulators at the bottom of the page.
Then, check the “About Us” section to see if the site has a physical and legitimate business address. Next, look for ways to contact them – live chat, email, phone, etc.

Is horse betting legal in Arizona?

Yes! It has been legalized. You just need to be above 21 years old in Arizona.