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New Sportsbooks In Arizona

Sports betting should be a pleasure, something that gives extra value to life. Therefore, it is important that you as a player enjoy your betting. The most important thing in that spirit is to choose a new sportsbook that suits you and your game. Are you looking for the best odds? Do you want fast deposits and withdrawals? Or is the most important of all the feeling?

Compare new sportsbooks in AZ

Arizona is fast becoming one of the most active markets for sports betting. Before you get in on the action, there are a few things you’ll need—and one of the most crucial is a sportsbook. It’s not hard to find an Arizona betting site—but it can take a little effort to find a good one. Luckily, you’ve got everything you need to choose smart right here.

List of new sportsbooks in Arizona

$25 free on sign up
  • $25 free bet
  • 100% deposit match up to $1,000
  • iOS & Android app

New sports betting sites in Arizona


Got time to research some new AZ sports betting sites? Great, that’s why we wrote this guide. But if not, we’ve asked our experts to pick out 5 of the best (plus one to watch). Almost all of them secured partnerships with recognizable Arizona sports betting sites to establish themselves in 2021. Here they are.

FanDuel – new sportsbook Arizona

Official Arizona License Partner of the NBA Phoenix Suns

Official Arizona Retail Partner of the Phoenix Suns Arena

  • High-performance live betting market
  • Seamless live streaming feature
  • Generous welcome bonus in AZ
  • Strong daily betting menu
  • FanDuel and BetMGM offer live streaming, while PointsBet does not. So, it varies from one sportsbook to another. Check their websites for details.

Caesars sportsbook new in AZ

Official Arizona License Partner of the Ak-Chin Indian Community.

Official Arizona Retail Partner of Harrah’s Ak-Chin Hotel ; Casinos.

  • Excellent reputation in early-adopter sports betting states
  • Innovative cross-platform app
  • Competitive odds in NFL, NBA, and MLB betting
  • Exclusive daily promotions

DraftKings – New in Arizona

Official Arizona License Partner of the PGA Tour.

Official Arizona Retail Partner of the TPC Scottsdale.

  • Consistently high performer across all major US sports markets
  • Excellent customer support and how-to guides
  • Good iOS and Android apps
  • Several instant withdrawal methods
  • Great daily betting menu

BetMGM newly launched in Arizona

Official Arizona License Partner of the Gila River Indian Community.

Official Arizona Retail Partner of the Gila River Hotel ; Casinos.

  • Strong backing from one of the biggest names in betting
  • Fast online verification process means you can be betting in minutes
  • Extensive payout options

Unibet new sportsbook in Arizona

No official Arizona licensing partnerships announced.

  • Highest performing World Series futures
  • Home of the Points Betting point spread bet
  • Creator of the Name Your Bet program
  • Good sign up offers
  • Extensive daily betting menu

One to watch: Bally Bet Arizona

Official Arizona License Partner of the WNBA.

Official Arizona Retail Partner of the Phoenix Mercury.

Bally Bet brokered the first ever online sports betting deal for a women’s professional sports team. That’s impressive. So too is its app and website. While there’s limited market depth from the brand right now, sources promise big things are coming for Bally Bet.

Since Bally Bet also owns Bet.Works—the tech leader responsible for most sportsbook software—they’ve got full in-house control, more versatility, and we suspect they’ll get new features out quicker than the competition.

New AZ sportsbooks new bonuses


This is the fun part. We all like free stuff—and a sports betting bonus in AZ is a bit like free stuff. They represent value in sports betting. In this section, we’re exploring the different bonus types, and when you might want to use them.

New free bets

What they look like:

Let’s say Sportsbook A has a $50 free bet offer.

You’ve put $50 in your sportsbook account. You bet it on the Suns -5.5 to beat the LA Clippers—and you win. Congratulations. That’s a happy ending. Plus the sportsbook just applied a $50 free bet credit to your account. Let’s say you lose the wager. You’ll lose your original $50 wager, but you’ll still have the $50 free bet available.

When to use them:

  • To try your hand on a new betting line
  • To boost your potential payout on a confident bet

What to watch for:

  • Check how much time you’ve got to use the free bet. It might be within 30 days of the original wager.
  • You don’t keep the stake when you play a free bet. With the above example, at -110 odds you’d come away with a total of $45.40—not $95.40.

New deposit bonuses

What they look like:

Sportsbook B offers you a 25% deposit bonus up to $100. You deposit $100, and they drop an extra $25 into your account. So far, so good.

When to use them:

  • Deposit bonuses are good to use to boost your betting picks
  • A lot more lenient than a free bet, you can use part of the amount at a time.

What to watch for:

  • You’ll often have to activate the deposit bonus and play it through within 30 days.
  • Some new sports betting sites will restrict you from using your deposit bonus on odds favorites.
  • A deposit bonus—like most bonus types—is not cash. You can’t withdraw it unless you’ve played it through at least once (also known as turning it over).

New deposit matches

What they look like:

A variation on the deposit bonus, sportsbook C is offering to match your deposit up to a certain amount. Let’s say they’re matching your deposit up to $100—so you deposit $100.

New mobile bonuses

What they look like:

These can be pretty varied, and are designed to drive the core of a sportsbook’s user base to mobile betting. They can include daily rewards, odds boosts, first mobile deposit matches in AZ, etc.

Choosing a new bonus: 5 tricks to remember

There are a few tricks Arizona sports bettors will want to know before you lock in an offer. Avoid bumbling the benefits by keeping these in mind:

  1. Bonuses have limits and qualifiers. Most new AZ sports betting sites only match a deposit up to a certain amount. The offer may claim a $1,000 deposit credit—but how much do you need to deposit in order to secure that? At the same time, check the minimum deposit you’ll need to make to qualify.
  2. Always check the fine print. The terms and conditions for every bonus, offer, or promo should be easy to find. Some of the most reputable AZ betting sites even list the key terms right below the offer. Make sure you understand the bonus before you try to lock it in.
  3. Check the expiry date. Often, a credit or free bet will have a 30 day shelf-life. That means you need to have used the free bet within 30 days. Sometimes, it also means you need to have played the amount through before you can claim it as cash winnings.
  4. Bonuses aren’t free cash. Very seldom will you find a bonus with no strings attached. Rather than seeing bonuses and offers as free money—and be disappointed—see them as a “free with purchase” offer.
  5. Know how you roll. Qualifying bets are part and parcel of bonuses. If a bonus involves qualifying bets (Also known as: you do this, and we’ll give you this) make sure you like the kinds of lines and odds you’ll need to wager on.

Understand play-through.

When we’re talking about bonuses, play-throughs deserve a little section of their own.

Play-throughs—also known as rollovers—are often one of the terms of a deposit match, deposit bonus, or free bet. Effectively, a rollover is the number of times you need to wager the deposit amount + bonus in order to withdraw it from your account.

Example: Let’s say you deposit $250 to your sportsbook account. You’ve scored a deal where you get a 50% bonus—but the Ts and Cs state you’re subject to a 5 x rollover. You’ll need to wager your $250 + the 50% deposit of $125 (a total of $375) 5 times before you can withdraw the bonus amount.

New betting sites new odds


Options at your new sportsbooks are the key to boosting your bankroll. You can leverage your stable of sports betting sites to your advantage easily, just by comparing their betting odds in AZ.

Lines aren’t always the same across the board. Oddsmakers offer different odds based on how they’ve handicapped a game, and with a little virtual legwork, you can use that to your advantage. Even a slight margin can equate to big earnings in the long term.


Let’s say you’re betting $110 on the Arizona Cardinals +6.5 -110 at sportsbook A. Then you notice sportsbook B is offering +7 -105. At sportsbook A, your $110 will get you $100. At sportsbook B, that same stake will get you $104.76.

For recreational AZ bettors, $4.76 might not mean much—but across 10 winning bets that’s close to $50. Over the course of a year—and depending on how much sports betting you’ve got time for—you could be raking in a tidy side profit. And it’s all through line shopping.

Just launched sportsbooks in AZ equals improved service


Variety is the spice of life. It’s also an excellent way to keep your sports betting stable fresh. Build variety into your sportsbook selection by regularly shopping for the best options. Some key elements make up a good Arizona sportsbook. Our non-negotiable elements would be that it:

  • Is Arizona licensed
  • Clearly displays its terms and conditions
  • Offers good customer service
  • Makes it easy to tap into customer support—FAQs, live chat, contact details, workable service hours
  • Has a responsive, easy-to-use website
  • Offers the sports markets that suit your tastes
  • Uses the payment methods that work for your needs
  • Promptly processes and pays out withdrawals

There are some negotiable elements, too. Do you need live streaming of games? You need a mobile app? Do you prefer to talk to customer support by phone, instead of via email or live chat? Sports betting is personal, so craft your sportsbooks to suit your needs.

New AZ betting sites FAQ

Can I bet on Arizona college sports?

Yes, it’s legal to bet on college sports in AZ. The exception is college prop bets on individual performance—so, no betting on a Wildcats player in a University of Arizona game.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Arizona?

It sure is! The Arizona state senate passed HB 2772 on April 12, 2021. Regulated online sports betting went live on September 9, 2021.

Who regulates sports betting in AZ?

The Arizona Department of Gaming. As the regulatory body for sports betting, it determines tax rates, application fees, renewal fees, and licensing regulations.

How does a new Arizona sportsbook know im in the state?

New sports betting sites in Arizona use geolocation tech to verify your location. You’ll need to turn on your GPS or enable device location to complete the verification process when you sign up with a new sports betting site.

Can I place bets when I’m out of Arizona?

All legal online sports bets need to be placed from within AZ. Cross the border into New Mexico? You’re out of luck. The same goes for Utah. Sports betting is legal in Colorado, but you’ll need to place your wagers with a licensed Colorado sportsbook.