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William Hill Arizona promo code

In this William Hill Arizona review, let’s compare its app experience and its advantages and disadvantages over websites. Then you can see for yourself if this is an easier way for you to place your bets, transfer funds, or explore the big wide world of sports gambling. (William Hill was aquired by Caesars sportsbook and currently operates in the state under the name Caesars Arizona).

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William Hill Arizona promo 2024

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William Hill Arizona promo code

promo code

You may have seen the sign-up promos that other Arizona sportsbooks offer—does William Hill provide something similar, or even better?

William Hill Sportsbook AZ promo codes

William Hill switches up its sports promo codes often, which keeps things exciting and gives equal opportunity to people who have their own favorite leagues to follow. Basketball fans got a treat with their Free Throw Dough contes.

If they bet on the winning team, aside from their winnings, they got an extra $1 for every successful free throw that the team scored. They also had other NBA promos that gave bet credits for successful blocks or steals or the team’s three-point shot percentage.

We think it’s pretty cool and creative to earn credits based on player or team stats and look forward to how they’ll apply it to sports like baseball or tennis.

Promo of the month

Keep an eye out for William Hill’s promo of the month. Sometimes they’ll give a bonus credit based on the number of bets you made or which of these bets turned out to be wins.

Other websites will also have a promo of the month or even a promo of the week. Unfortunately, William Hill doesn’t have as many in terms of variety or frequency. But one good thing about them is that you don’t have to pay to join a contest in order to get the credits.

William Hill Arizona bonus


Insurance bet bonus

When you download the app and open the account, your first bet is an insurance bonus. Basically, what that means is that if you lose, you’ll be given the same amount in bet credits. After that, you can get back into the game and try again!

William Hill’s maximum bet credit is $500, which is pretty much the same as other major betting sites. There are those who offer up to $1,000, but they have more limits on how you can use it.

Besides, a higher maximum bet credit isn’t always necessary. For example, if you’re only planning to put in an initial bet of $300, then it’s pointless to look for a $1,000 insurance bet bonus.

Parlay bonuses

Do you like parlay bets? Try betting on a three-plus game in-play parlay on a Friday night, and you will get a 20% bonus.

William Hill Sportsbook Arizona


Here’s the meat of the review: the mobile experience, with William Hill Sportsbook Arizona there is never a boring moment.

William Hill sportsbook Arizona Mobile website

The website isn’t actually much to see. Its main role is to create a place where you can download the app. You can find a very short history and a token FAQ on specific sports. You actually won’t find much information, and it’s so unwieldy to go through the links to find it.

While we understand that William Hill sportsbook Arizona never intended to have people use the website, it would have been great to have a long history of the brand (considering its founder’s story is so interesting) and a tutorial video on how to use the app.

William Hill sportsbook app Arizona

The William Hill sports betting app in AZ is a different story. We actually like it a lot, and any disappointment we had over the website disappeared once we actually used its betting app.

The app is free, and there are Apple and Android versions. It can work on phones and tablets, but since it’s configured to only run in a vertical format, it’s much better to use on the phone. Personally, felt it was awkward on a tablet since I tend to use tablets in a horizontal position – whether propped on the table or connected to a keyboard.

On the phone, however, the app was flawless. It ran really smoothly and didn’t crash or hang even when I was rapidly scrolling or shifting between tabs. Loading the home screen takes a while, but once it’s open, you won’t have any buffering time (assuming that your Internet connection is decent).

What we like most about the app is that it’s really clean, simple, and intuitive. The homepage has all the sports events you can bet on. You can close it by clicking the arrow on the right, which frees the screen for other information you may need.

The top promos are featured in the top marquee, but you can click on the promotions tab to pull up a list of all their current offers. There are also quick tabs for your betting slip and profile. It’s all there and so neatly laid out that you never ask, “Where can I find….”

Customer support

If you have questions about the app features or have a specific concern related to the app, you can contact their customer support. There’s an icon right in your Profile tab, which will put you in touch with them right away.

Pros and cons William Hill Sportsbook Arizona


If you’re choosing between William Hill sportsbook AZ and other Arizona sports betting, it basically boils down to this choice: do you want to use a website or the app? Consider these pros and cons.

The app keeps it sweet and simple

I’ve tried a lot of websites that just push a lot of information in your face. Then, they’ll try to impress you with all their offerings by giving a lot of tabs and drop-down menus, and there are banners and ads everywhere. It’s like a carnival.

To be fair, some people like being able to see everything. The information helps them make good betting decisions. Others (like me) get confused and distracted by all of it. I have a few sports markets I watch, and I don’t need the other bells and whistles.

I think the app serves customers like me who want simplicity and ease of use.

The app is better for mobile users

Do you usually use your computer or your phone for online sports gambling? Again, it’s a matter of preferences. Some sportsbooks in AZ, just don’t look that great on smaller screens.

The app, on the other hand, is designed specifically for the mobile experience. You can see it in the way the features are presented and how you seamlessly get what you need in one swipe or scroll.

Banking methods William Hill Sportsbook Arizona


The good news: William Hill Sportsbook offers a lot of payment transfer options in Arizona, whether you’re depositing or withdrawing funds from your account.

Deposits at William Hill Arizona

  • Local bank transfer
  • Debit cards
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • PayPal
  • Skill
  • Western Union transfer
  • ACH E-checks
  • William Hill prepaid card

You can do this all from the William Hill app. First, click on the “Deposit” option in your Customer Profile, select your method of payment. Once you go through the security prompts and complete the steps, you’ll get confirmation of a successful transaction.

Withdrawals at William Hill Sportsbook Arizona

Withdrawing money is easy, too. You can connect your account to a preferred payment method, and then you can transfer any time by clicking on your profile.

  • Local bank transfer
  • Debit cards
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Local bank transfer
  • Western Union transfer

Processing time takes anywhere between the same day to 4 business days, depending on the payment method you selected. Generally, PayPal has faster payouts than local bank transfers. You can check on your bank or card to get an accurate time frame based on their own policies and procedures.

William Hill Arizona sports


William Hill Arizona offers the most popular sports in the United States, but there are plans to add more to their list in the future.

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football (including Australia Rules Football)
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • UFC and MMA

Types of bets at William Hill Arizona

Even if the app doesn’t have as many sports as other sports betting websites, you still get plenty of variety because of the types of bets you can make.

  • Moneylines
  • Spreads
  • Quarter Bets/Halftime Bets
  • Player Props
  • Total Points/Total Targets
  • Live In-Game Bets
  • Totals bets (also known as Over/Under)
  • Futures bets


The William Hill sportsbook Arizona app is an excellent option for people who prefer to use their phones or their apps instead of a website. While they have a limited number of sports, they have plenty of betting methods and unique sports-themed promos to keep things interesting.

If you prefer using an app to do online sports betting, then William Hill may be the best option for you. While many other companies focused on websites and developed an app afterward, this company—one of the most respected names in the gambling industry—put all its efforts into developing the perfect betting app.

William Hill has been around since the 1930s. Its eponymous founder took down the bets by phone and mail and built a reputation as one of the most trusted bookies in London. He eventually opened brick-and-mortar betting shops all around the United Kingdom before “going digital.”

FAQ’s William Hill sportsbook in Arizona

Where do I find the William Hill app?

You can find it in the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or go to the website and click the “download the app” buttons.

How do I know the app can’t be hacked?

William Hill has also invested in strong security protocols to protect your personal and financial information.

Is the William Hill Arizona app legal to use?

Yes. William Hill is a very reputable company and is recognized by gaming commissions around the world. It also follows the laws and regulations of the country. However, you have to be at least 21 years old to legally download and use the app.

Do I have to pay for the app?

No. The app is completely free to use!

What is the minimum deposit to open a William Hill Arizona account?

The minimum deposit is just $20.