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Baseball betting in Arizona

On this page, we’ll explain everything you need to know to start Baseball betting in Arizona. Learn all about the odds, sportsbooks, strategies and everything else you need to know about Baseball betting Arizona.

Guide to Baseball betting AZ

Put your Baseball knowledge to the test while making a little extra cash, in this guide you’ll learn just how you do it. Baseball betting in Arizona can get complicated, but we’re here to make it uncomplicated for you. And in this article, we’ll cover:

  • The best Baseball betting in Arizona
  • Your choice of Baseball betting lines
  • How to understand Baseball odds
  • Tips for building your Baseball betting strategy
  • Frequently asked questions about Baseball betting in Arizona

Top list baseball betting in AZ

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Best Arizona Baseball betting


It’s easy to search and find dozens of sites for Baseball betting and other sports markets in Arizona today. However, discerning which sites for baseball betting are worth your time is trickier. In this section, we’ll jumpstart your sportsbook search by sharing five Arizona sports betting sites we think are the cream of the crop.

BetMGM Baseball betting

Presented by the famous MGM brand, BetMGM provides Arizona bettors various Baseball betting lines with competitive odds. In addition to the traditional moneylines, run lines, and totals bets, you can also create custom prop bets with BetMGM.

Unibet Baseball odds

Like BetMGM, Unibet offers a wide range of Baseball betting lines, including numerous prop bets. Their exclusive Unibet features rewards bettors with more winnings when their picks win by larger margins.

DraftKings Baseball bets

As with other high-quality baseball betting, DraftKings has plenty of Baseball betting lines at great odds.

If you like parlays, DraftKings offers free-to-enter pool contests where users wager on the outcomes of several events. Join one of DraftKings’ free pool contests, or create your own to bet with your friends.

FanDuel Baseball lines

FanDuel is one of the most popular and accessible site on the market today. The user-friendly interface on its website and app makes it easy to get started with Baseball betting online. FanDuel’s outstanding welcome bonus also gives new Arizona bettors a nice boost.

Baseball betting lines in Arizona


There are all sorts of Baseball betting lines to choose from in Arizona. In this section, we’ll explain how various Baseball bets work so that you know all your options.

Baseball moneylines in Arizona

If you’ve placed a bet before, you may have made a moneyline bet without even realizing it. In a moneyline, you simply pick who you think will win the game. If you’re right, you’ll get paid.

Baseball futures in AZ

For Baseball futures, you’re betting on an outcome determined by multiple games. Typically, futures involve the betting on results of the World Series or World Baseball Classic.

Like with moneylines, all you have to do is pick the winner. But, of course, this is more difficult than a moneyline bet because you have so many more teams you may choose.

Most MLB online betting sites allow betting on futures at any time before or during the competition. Many also post odds for the next tournament as soon as the current one finishes. In addition, these sites continually update futures odds to adjust for new developments.

Baseball first five inning bets in Arizona

A first five inning bet is like a Moneyline, but only the first five innings matter for the bet’s outcome. Whichever team has the lead after the fifth inning determines your bet’s success? The game’s ultimate outcome is irrelevant.

The first five inning bets allow Arizona bettors only to consider factors relevant early in a Baseball game, like starting pitchers. With first five inning bets, late-game factors like closing bullpens become less significant.

Run lines – Baseball Arizona

For a run line, you’re betting on both who will win and by how much. In other sports, we call these kinds of bets point spreads. A typical Baseball run line looks like this:

  • Wildcats +1.5
  • Sun Devils -1.5

Here’s how the run line works. At the end of the game, adjust the team’s score by the indicated value. In this case, Arizona would receive an additional 1.5 points, while Arizona State would lose 1.5 points.

If you bet on Arizona, they’ll need to win or lose by just 1 point for your wager to succeed. Meanwhile, a bet on Arizona State would win if they win by 2 points or more.

In addition to traditional run lines, you can also find reverse run lines. For a reverse run line, the favorite receives points, while the underdog loses points. These result in wildly different odds. Many baseball betting sites also offer alternate run lines. For example, you may find alternate run lines at +- 2.5 or +- 3.5 runs.

Baseball totals – AZ

For totals, you decide whether the game’s total score will be over or under the line. As with a run line, this value is fractional to prevent ties. For example, the over/under on a game may be 10.5 points.

In this case, if you bet over, the final total score will need to be at least 11 points. Meanwhile, if you bet under, the total score will need to be 10 points or less.

Other sports may have totals bets, but Baseball, specifically Major League Baseball, has a unique variant: the grand salami. Grand salami bets tend to have long odds, but they can be a lot of fun.

Here’s how the grand salami works. Sportsbooks post an over/under line for all betting on results of the World Series of the day. Then, you bet on whether you think every match of the day will be over or under the line. If you’re right, you’ll see a significant payout.

Baseball proposition (prop) bets in Arizona

Prop bets offer Arizona bettors enormous room for creativity, especially since some betting sites allow for custom prop bets. Prop bets involve events that don’t directly affect who wins a Baseball game. For example, Baseball prop bets might concern things like:

  • How many bases a player will take
  • How many home runs a batter will hit
  • How many outs a pitcher will throw
  • Who will score first
  • If the game will continue into extra innings

Baseball parlays in Arizona

For a parlay, you’ll bundle several bets into one wager, which will offer you better odds than making individual bets. However, each element of your parlay will have to be correct for it to win. This dynamic makes parlays risky but potentially highly profitable.

Live Baseball betting in AZ

With live Baseball betting, you can continue betting once the game starts. Several baseball betting sites allow for live in-game bets on your typical moneylines, run lines, totals, and prop bets. In addition, they’ll continue to adjust odds during the game to account for new developments.

Additionally, live betting allows for unique prop bets involving what will happen next. Who will score next? Will the next batter strike out? Live betting offers an exciting, fast-paced way to wager on Baseball.

Understanding Baseball betting odds Arizona


Interpreting Baseball odds is a crucial skill for sports betting in Arizona. If you can’t read Baseball odds, you won’t know if a wager is worth your money. In this section, we’ll discuss Baseball odds formats and the factors that influence Baseball odds.

AZ Baseball odds formats

In Arizona, you’ll most likely come across Baseball odds written in American format, but fractional or decimal formats sometimes appear. Not sure how to tell what odds format you’re dealing with online? Here’s what the three odds formats look like:

  • American Baseball odds: Wildcats +150, Sun Devils -120
  • Fractional Baseball odds: Wildcats 1.5/1, Sun Devils 0.83/1
  • Decimal Baseball odds: Wildcats 2.5, Sun Devils 1.83

American Baseball odds indicate how much profit you’ll get from a successful $100 wager. In the case above, a $100 bet on the Wildcats would net you $150 if successful.

But what about those negative odds on the Sun Devils? That means oddsmakers favor the Sun Devils’ victory. You’d have to bet $120 on the Sun Devils to see $100 in profits if they win.

Fractional Baseball odds represent the ratio of profit to stake. Here’s how to convert American Baseball odds to fractional odds: For positive numbers, divide by 100. For negative numbers, divide -100 by the American odds.

With decimal odds, multiplying your stake by the odds shows how much you’ll receive from a successful bet. In addition, decimal odds make calculating your returns quick and easy.

Factors influencing Baseball odds in Arizona

Arizona Sportsbooks devise Baseball odds for each bet so they can offer fair deals to bettors while still maintaining their profits. As a result, Baseball odds always have “juice” built into them. Juice is the sportsbook’s cut, and it’s usually around 10%.

Beyond the juice, numerous factors influence the Baseball odds sportsbooks release. Generally speaking, more likely outcomes have low odds, while less likely possibilities come with high odds.

One thing that distinguishes Baseball run lines from point spreads in other sports is their odds. With point spreads, sportsbooks set the line so that either outcome will be equally likely. Because of this, you’ll usually see odds of -110 for both bets.

For run lines, sportsbooks adjust the betting odds rather than the line. Therefore, you’ll sometimes see significantly different odds on either side of the line.

Building your AZ Baseball betting strategy


Once you’ve picked out your sportsbooks and understand Baseball bets and odds, it’s time to build your Baseball betting strategy. In this section, we’ve got five tips for you to help you get started.

  1. Make a bankroll budget for Baseball betting in Arizona. First of all, you’ll want to set aside a certain amount of money for Baseball betting. Then, you’ll also want to decide how you’ll budget your bankroll. For example, will you bet the same amount on each bet? It’s a good idea to decide on things like this from the start.
  2. Don’t bet the favorites. Sportsbooks sometimes take a little more juice from odds on favorites because they know more people will bet on them. So while many big names win often, you’ll likely find better value elsewhere.
  3. Watch the weather. Teams won’t play in the rain, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the wind. Wind blowing towards home plate will make home runs harder to achieve. Meanwhile, the wind blowing towards the outfield can turn out into home runs.
  4. Know your Baseball pitchers. Pitchers are so influential that when placing your bet, sportsbooks give you the option to cancel it if pitchers change. You’ll want to know the starting pitchers and keep an eye on the bullpen.
  5. Use rate stats instead of counting stats. When you need to look at individual players, rate stats will give you the best idea of their performance. While counting stats depend on the team’s performance, rate stats show how a player performs across circumstances.

FAQs About Baseball betting Arizona

Why is Baseball betting online better than in-person betting?

Baseball betting online enables you to place bets on any game you want without leaving the comfort of your home. In addition, Baseball betting online is quicker, easier, and often more profitable than in-person betting.

Why should I use more than one sportsbook for Baseball betting in Arizona?

Using more than one sportsbook allows you to compare odds on the same bets. Winning a few extra dollars here and there may seem like no big deal, but it makes a difference long-term.

How do I know a sportsbook is secure?

Look for a padlock in your browser’s address bar when you’re on the sportsbook’s website. If it’s not there, the site is not secure. Additionally, you’ll want to ascertain that the sportsbook uses 3D Secure for payment processing by checking its FAQ.

Do I need anything to sign up for a sportsbook in Arizona?

When you create an account, you’ll want to have your ID ready to verify your identity. Your sportsbook may also require some form of proof of address, like a utility bill.

What bets should beginners to Baseball betting in Arizona make?

Moneylines are the simplest and easiest bets to make, but we encourage you to try others too. It’s also a good idea to bet on what you know rather than trying to make predictions on unfamiliar teams.