CFP Betting Arizona

Everything you need to know about CFP betting in AZ can be found right here! Arizona players have plenty of opportunities to profit while betting on the college championship playoffs in Arizona. The only trick is figuring out how to make the right wagers on the suitable games.

CFP online betting guide AZ

In this field guide, we will cover a couple of key strategies you’ll want to remember to profit big time. All of that (and more) are detailed below.

  • What the new CFP structure looks like
  • How the CFP structure has been good (and bad) for bettors
  • How to make money on the CFP series

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CFP betting market in AZ


The BCS CFP structure was established back in 1998. Almost immediately, one of the more controversial changes in the college game, the BCS, used algorithms to determine who made it into the title game.

This structure existed until 2014. That’s when all of the major conferences (and the NCAA) got together to make a significant change. The idea was to divide the different bowls into a new CFP structure.

Every year one of these bowl games rotates to be the CFP title game. The rest handle the semifinals and “play in” action. Now three playoff games decide who gets to take on the title of national champion. There’s talk about expanding the CFP a little more (letting six teams in instead of four), but most agree that the structure is a lot better even if the trophy isn’t!

Betting on Bowl games in Arizona

Most Arizona NCAAF bettting sportsbooks will also offer various bets on the important bowl games.

Good or bad for CFP bettors in AZ?


These changes have introduced some interesting wrinkles for CFP bettors in Arizona. On the one hand, the extra slate of games adds a bit of extra juice to CFP betting in Arizona that wasn’t there before.

Having a couple of playoff games has been a big boost for championship betting odds. Now bookies have a couple of other opportunities to get different wagers in. On the other hand, though, the algorithm no longer decides that the “two best” teams immediately get to the title game.

This means there’s a lot more chance about who makes it to the national championship. For some people, this is excellent news. It means that every game in the CFP counts. For others, especially those that like futures Football betting in Arizona, this can be trouble.

Before, Alabama was almost always a shoo-in (especially under coach Nick Saban). Now, though, powerhouse SEC teams don’t always get as much love in the CFP. Instead, they have to fight for spots just like teams from the ACC, the Big Ten, and the Pac 12. As a result, predicting futures for CFP national championship odds is a bit more challenging than it used to be.

How to bet on the College football playoffs in AZ


Now that we’ve gone over a little bit of history and how betting has changed let’s get into making some money! Here are just a few of the wagers you’ll want to consider on CFP betting in Arizona.

CFP Moneylines in Arizona

The Moneyline is the easiest bet in all of sports betting, regardless of whether you are betting CFP or the NFL. Or anything else, for that matter! All you have to do with the Moneyline is decide who you think is going to win that specific game.

Just as an example, let’s say that one of the CFP semifinal games is between the University of Arizona and the Georgia Bulldogs. The Moneyline might look something like this:

  • Arizona -130
  • Georgia +210

Right away, this tells us a couple of things. For starters, it tells us that the Arizona team is the favorite. It also tells us that we have to bet $130 to win $100 in profit.

Secondly, it lets us know that the Georgia team is the underdogs (but not by too much). This suggests a relatively tight game. Still, we can win $210 on every $100 bet we put down based on this line. Once again, though, all you have to pick with a Moneyline wager is the ultimate winner.

If you bet that Arizona is going to win and they do, you’re going home with a cash payout. Likewise, if you bet that Georgia wins (and they do), you are a winner, too.

You don’t have to guess how much a team is going to win by (or close by). You don’t have to worry about the final score at all. Pick Arizona, and they could win by one point or five touchdowns. It wouldn’t matter, so long as they win!

Big CFP betting spreads Arizona

If you like CFP spreads in AZ, prepare yourself to see bigger numbers than you might be used to betting the NFL. This is because there’s a massive difference in the level of parity between NFL teams and NCAA teams.

Even the best CFP teams can be horrifically mismatched. Just look at the 2013 national title game for a perfect example.

In that game, the number one ranked team in the country was Notre Dame. The number two ranked team was Alabama. Seeing a spread as big as 10 points in the NFL is super rare. Although, CFP point spreads can come in at 15 points, 20 points, and even 30 points sometimes.

Make sure if you are interested in betting CFP point spreads, you’re ready for those kinds of numbers! So prepare for pretty big CFP Championship betting Arizona spreads, that’s for sure.

CFP Totals in Arizona

You’ll also want to prepare yourself for much bigger totals numbers too. CFP Totals betting in AZ can be a little unpredictable just because of how high-scoring some of these games can be. Take that 2013 national championship we just mentioned. Most “experts” believed it would be a relatively tight game, but many expected the score to get pretty high.

Nobody, though, expected the score to be 35-0 (in favor of Alabama) at one point. Very few expected that the totals would hit the over at 56, too. Remember, this was a game for the national championship! It was between the top two teams in the country! Nobody expects a lopsided barnburner like this.

Still, that’s the college game, and you never know what you’re going to get.

CFP futures in AZ

CFP prop bets and futures bets can be a little risky if only because of the unpredictability.

Like we just mentioned a moment ago, you never really know what you will get in the world of college games. Even when you get into the playoffs when the best teams are squaring off against one another.

Trying to bet futures on a program even just a year or two in advance is sketchy. You don’t know if new coaches will come in, if talent is going to wash out, or if a competitive team remains competitive from one year to the next.

Outside of perennial contenders like Alabama and Clemson (recently), there’s no sure thing. Still, putting money down on a team you think has recruited well might pay off in a couple of years. That’s when CFP betting Arizona futures make the most sense.

Hot underdogs are worth a closer look

The underdog wins 23% of the time during the regular season. However, in the playoffs, championship odds of an underdog winning jump up to 37% of the time. Think about that for a second.

We are saying that there’s (almost) a one in four chance that any underdog will win any CFP game during the regular season. As soon as the underdog gets into the playoffs, though, that jumps into a nearly 4/10 chance to win. Those are pretty decent odds for underdogs.

It’s a good idea to pay close attention to how hot each college team is playing as they get into the playoffs. Hot underdogs are particularly juicy picks, especially if they are going against teams that are a little shaky. So make sure that this is something you zero in on for sure.

Travel time and roster experience makes a world of difference

Travel time for college kids (and for professionals, for that matter) can make a world of difference when betting on the CFP. Kids who fly halfway across the country into new time zones won’t be as rested or as fresh. They usually aren’t going to play as well, either. Instead, they’re staying in hotels away from fans and family in the biggest game of their lives.

Roster experience makes a world of difference, too. Every year it feels like some hotshot team steamrolled their way into the College Playoffs. And as soon as they get under the bright lights of a big-time bowl game, they seize up and fall apart. It happens all the time!

At the same time, every year, it feels like we see a calm, cool leader take their team all the way to the title game even under immense pressure. So it’s no surprise that these kinds of players often go pretty quickly in the NFL draft, too.

A roster with no CFP experience is one that can be a little nerve-racking to bet on. However, CFP betting Arizona experts like to put their money on teams with at least a bit of know-how.

How to pick the right CFP sportsbook

Finding the right Arizona CFP odds sportsbook comes down to a handful of things:

  • The CFP sportsbook should be 100% reputable, trustworthy, and secure
  • The CFP sportsbook should offer all the CFP spreads, prop bets, and betting action you’re looking for
  • CFP Sportsbooks should have active lines and odds that are updated all the time and 
  • The CFP sportsbook should have a banking system that lets you get money into and out of the book quickly

Obviously, there are a couple of other things to look for in a quality sportsbook, but these are the most important. So, to help you with your search, here are a handful of sports betting Arizona sites you’ll want to think about signing up for ASAP!

  • BetMGM CFP betting 
  • Unibet College Playoffs odds
  • DraftKings CFP betting 
  • FanDuel CFP lines
  • Barstool Sportsbook CFP action

Each of these is top Arizona sportsbooks with outstanding reputations, good odds, and solid banking systems. You can trust them with your wagers, that’s for sure.

FAQs About CFP betting Arizona

When is the national championship game for CFP?

The national championship game isn’t on the same day every year but is usually in January’s first or second week.

Is the national CFP game the same as a bowl game?

Now that the new CFP structure is in place, the national title is one of the premier bowl games of the year. These bowl games rotate in and out of the national title spot. Each year a new ballgame is the national title game.

Can I legally bet on CFP in Arizona?

You sure can! It’s now possible to bet on all your favorite CFP action on any of the popular sportsbooks in Arizona today.

Any tips for betting on the CFP Championship?

If you are brand-new to the world of CFP betting, Arizona players should stick to the Moneyline. That simple (and still really profitable). More experienced players will want to tinker with spreads, totals, parlays, and other kinds of wagers. Of course, prop bets are fun for anyone, too!

What’s an easy CFP bet for beginners?

The Moneyline is as easy as it gets. There’s nothing wrong with picking the Moneyline (even right before the first kickoff). All you have to do is pick the correct winner, and you’ll be in the money!