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Arizona betting odds

Arizona is very much a sports state. And, it’s a new era for sports fans with betting on sports legal across the state. But how do you play the odds smartly? Here’s our essential guide on Arizona betting odds 2024.

Betting odds in Arizona

There’s a whole new world out there for sports fans in Arizona. With legal Arizona sports betting, sportsbooks offer everything a newbie or professional bettor could want — fair odds, a litany of options, and unmatched personalized betting experiences. You’ll be more than ready after reading this guide.

Arizona betting odds list

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Best odds at sportsbooks in Arizona


Caesars Odds

Caesars Sportsbook Arizona may be one of the oldest gambling houses, but it has adapted to modern physical and online sportsbooks extremely well. Its helpful web “Oddschecker” efficiently organizes the most popular sports and upcoming game odds on one page. You can also sign up for “Oddschecker” email alerts to stay on top of the action.

FanDuel Lines

One of the most popular and comprehensive sportsbooks, FanDuel AZ, earns high marks for its fair basketball and football odds. It also has a reliable odds boost system, where odds for a specific game or bet are increased if you take advantage of certain wagering specials. A boost could lead to a better payout.

PointsBet Wagers

Experienced bettors will feel at home on PointsBet Arizona, an Australian company that has made a splash in the American sportsbook market with a solid and fair lineup of odds offerings.

PointsBet is also notable for its unique approach to spread betting that rewards you for not just having a correct wager but rewards you the most depending on how correct you are. For example, if you pick a team to win a football game, you could get more of a payout if the game ends up being a blowout.

BetMGM Odds

Football and basketball odds are especially fair and extensive on BetMGM Arizona. Its online sportsbook offers a clutter-free, intuitive interface that’s a perfect showcase for regularly updated — and extensive — odds reports.

Prop bets and odds boosts are also numerous, up to dozens of each on individual games. Bettors give BetMGM high marks for its above-average odds on both soccer and college basketball.

DraftKings Odds

Sportsbook reviews give the top odds award to DraftKings Arizona, which started off life specializing in fantasy sports. It offers extensive odds related to prop bets and offers odds for basketball halves and quarters, which are not available in every sportsbook.

For those looking for a little added excitement, DraftKings also offers odds related to in-play betting, where you can wager on a game as it goes on.

More odds providers in AZ

Arizona sports betting odds


Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed sports betting into law in April 2021, which allows for sports betting to operate legally within licensed Indian tribes’ gambling centers and through partnerships with state professional sports franchises.

The law allows for up to 20 sports betting licenses for sports fans to bet in person and online through web platforms and mobile phones.

Who can bet on sports in Arizona?

You must be at least 21 years old and live in Arizona to participate in sports betting within the state. Rules and regulations concerning Arizona sportsbooks are still in the works.

What you can bet on in Arizona

Like other states that have also approved legal sports betting, a full lineup of sports is at your disposal. The most popular sports to bet on in America should be no surprise: Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Golf. That includes not just professional franchises but college and international teams.

But sportsbooks don’t end there. Other sports are also represented well in sportsbooks, everything from Boxing and Soccer to Hockey and Tennis.

One of the keys to sports betting is understanding — and wisely playing — the odds within each type of wager. Let’s take a closer look at sportsbooks that offer fantastic sports betting odds in Arizona.

Mobile sportsbook odds app

In addition to betting in person or online, Arizona sportsbooks also offer their full lineups on their AZ mobile betting apps. With an app, you can do everything you’d normally be able to do on a sportsbook, including making bets, tracking scores, and reviewing updated odds. Some sportsbooks even offer sports betting bonuses to Arizonans for making bets via an app.

Types of sports betting odds

Part of the fun of sports betting is that the experience is entirely what you make of it – and can change from day to day. By playing different odds and experimenting with different wagers, amateurs and more experienced bettors alike can find new ways to engage themselves with their favorite teams and players.

Other honorable odds sportsbooks with great markets:

Arizona online odds


Moneyline online odds in Arizona

If you’re new to sports betting, starting with Moneyline bets is a good way to go. They are used to make a variety of wagers and are one of the easiest odds to master. Arizona Moneyline odds are straightforward by nature; you’re picking one team or one player to win outright.

The teams and players are given values — the odds — based on a game or match. Each number also includes a minus sign or a plus sign. A minus sign indicates the favorite, and the plus sign indicates an underdog.

You may see Moneyline online odds written out like the following:

Arizona Cardinals: -120

Seattle Seahawks: +150.

Many Moneyline bet payouts are based on $100 bets. In the above scenario of an AZ NFL line, the Cardinals are the favorites. If you bet $100 on them and they win, you’d get a payout of $180 — your $100 bet along with $80 winnings.

But if you bet the same amount on the Seahawks and they pulled out an unexpected victory, you’d get a bigger payout — $250, your wager, and $150 in winnings.

Sometimes, the Moneyline odds are extremely close, indicating that a game could likely go either way. In that case, a sportsbook may not even indicate an underdog, instead offering near-equal Moneyline odds:

  • Arizona Cardinals: -105
  • Seattle Seahawks: -115

Moneyline odds can be used for any sport, and they’re frequently a factor in betting on low-scoring sports, such as hockey or baseball. And also for any event like the Orange Bowl or the Cotton Bowl.

Instead of a point spread bet, the more likely odds used for low scores is Moneyline since there are not enough points scored to warrant entertaining a point spread.

Point spread odds – AZ

Novice bettors may also be familiar with point spread odds in Arizona. You’re betting on the outcome of a match but not an outright winner. With the point spread, your winnings depend on the margins of victory.

Point spread betting is commonly used in football and uses much of the same terminology as Moneyline bets. For example:

  • Arizona Cardinals: -4.5 (-110)
  • Seattle Seahawks: +4.5 (-110)

In this case, the Cardinals are the 4.5-point favorite. If you bet on them, they need to win by at least five points to “cover the spread” — and for you to win the bet.

If you bet on the Seahawks, a 4.5-point underdog, for you to win the bet, they would have to either win outright or lose by less than four points. Let’s say the final game score is 20-17, with the Cardinals winning.

Their win does not cover the 4.5 spread, but the Seahawks covered the spread since they lost by less than the spread.

Totals odds

Another form of odds that is relatively simple to understand is total odds, also known in Arizona as over/under bets. With this bet, you are predicting if the total score of a game will be higher or lower than the odds set by a sportsbook.

In the Cardinals and Seahawks game, an oddsmaker may set the total at 48.5 points. To bet, you select the “under” if you think the teams’ combined score will be 48 points or less. You’d select “over” if you believe it will be 49 or more points.

Moneyline odds attached to the total will dictate potential winnings. If the over has -110 odds and you bet $50 and win, you’d get a payout of $95.45 ($50 bet plus $45.45 winnings). If you picked the under at +105 odds and bet the same $50, you’d win more — $102.50 ($50 bet plus $52.50 in winnings).

More advanced odds and bets in Arizona

Arizona sportsbooks offer several other types of odds for bettors, including ones that are a bit more complex. Here are a few you will encounter:

Parlay: Parlay bets combine different types of bets into one package. Wagers must be made on more than one game, usually two or three. Within the parlay bets in AZ, you can use moneyline, totals, and other types of Fiesta Bowl odds in Arizona.

Teasers: With teaser bets in AZ, you can try to improve the odds of a win by adjusting a total or point spread. Such teaser bets, if used, must be used with each of the bets in a parlay. Teasers do not use moneyline odds.

Futures: Futures odds in Arizona are popular odds to use for big sporting events or championships, future bets are made when an oddsmaker sets specific odds way before a match occurs, such as Kentucky Derby odds or Super Bowl odds in AZ.

Prop: A prop (short for proposition bets in AZ) bet accepts wagers based on odds a certain circumstance will occur in a game or concerning a player. For example, the first team to hit a homerun or the total touchdown passes a quarterback will make.

Terms to know

Sports betting has a language all its own. Here are a few of the important words to know when you’re getting started plating the odds.

  • Cash-out: Before a game has ended, the ability to cash out a straight or parlay bet.
  • Juice: Also known as “vigorish,” it’s the oddsmaker’s commission.
  • Limit: The highest amount the oddsmaker will accept for bets.
  • Line: The odds on a game.
  • Off the board: No bets are being accepted at the moment.
  • Opening line: The first moneyline posted for a game or event.
  • Price: The point spread or the odds you are wagering on.
  • Push: A tie when a game ends with no loser or winner based on the wager terms.
  • Round robin: A group of parlay bets
  • Straight bet: When a moneyline or point spread determines whether a wager will win or not.
  • Straight-up: A moneyline bet when you wager based on who wins or loses.
  • Hedge betting: A Hedge bet in Arizona is a bet that is placed with the purpose of countering another bet in order to get better odds.

AZ betting odds FAQ

What are some of the most popular games to bet on?

Sportsbooks offer many great odds and options for major sporting events, including the NFL’s Super Bowl, MLB’s World Series, the NBA playoffs, and NCAA March Madness. But many sportsbooks offer daily odds specials for a range of sports that reward the loyal bettor.

What’s the best sport to bet on?

It’s really a matter of choice. While football and basketball often have the most offerings available on U.S. sportsbooks, it doesn’t mean they guarantee a higher rate of return. If you enjoy watching a particular sport, consider betting on that one. If you know more about some sports than others, those would also be great to bet on.

Are there benefits to live betting?

AZ Live betting, or wagering in-game, appeals to many sports fans who find it exciting to bet based on the ever-changing nature of sports. It can make watching a game even more thrilling than simply betting before a game begins and locking that in.

Can I take advantage of the odds placed on games by sportsbooks in other states?

All legally operating sportsbooks in the United States require that you live in the state where you are placing bets. Some sportsbooks are not operating in every state. When you register for a sportsbook online, you typically have to prove your identity in multiple ways — including an official form that shows your address, like a utility bill.

Is there a way to determine my possible winnings?

Yes, multiple ways. There are betting calculators online that calculate potential payouts based on odds. Some sportsbooks even offer the same service directly on their sites.