Arizona Super Bowl betting

Interested in Arizona Super Bowl betting? You’ve come to the right place. This guide will teach why you how to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona, and the four easy steps with the best odds, promos and bonuses.

Compare Super Bowl betting in AZ sites

Placing Super Bowl betting Arizona bets is as easy as counting to four. All you have to do is pick out the best Super Bowl sportsbook in AZ, know your betting options, learn how to read Super Bowl odds, and start betting. Understanding these four steps is an excellent choice since the Super Bowl is the best time to place Super Bowl betting Arizona slips.

Arizona Super Bowl betting list

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Best Super Bowl Betting Arizona


Without further ado, follow these four steps to get started with Super Bowl betting Arizona today:

Pick out a Super Bowl betting Arizona site

The first thing you will need to do when placing Super Bowl wagers is to select a sportsbook. It’s essential to choose a Arizona Football sportsbook that are reputable, reliable, and easy to use. Luckily,  makes it pretty easy to pick out a Super Bowl betting Arizona site since only a finite amount is allowed in the state.

As a result, what Super Bowl sportsbooks are available are top-notch and very competitive. Additionally, it’s a great idea to pick out multiple ones. By looking at different ones, you can access the best promotions, bonuses, odds, and more.

DraftKings Super Bowl online betting

DraftKings Arizona is easily one of the best sites for Super Bowl betting Arizona. They are partnered with TPC Scottsdale and PGA to provide Arizona residents with plenty of sports betting options, starting during the fall of 2021. DraftKings is loved for its great odds and intuitive interface.

Super Bowl betting at FanDuel

FanDuel Arizona is the top competitor throughout the nation for being one of the best Super Bowl betting Arizona sites. FanDuel is partnered with the Phoenix Suns and their arena. You will especially like FanDuel if you are a fan of sleek interfaces, a super modern app, and phenomenal betting resources.

Caesars Super Bowl betting

As a branch of the Las Vegas giant, it’s no shock that Caesars Sports is one of the operators available in Arizona. In addition, Caesars Sports is partnered with MLB and Arizona’s Diamondbacks. Beginning in the fall of 2021, residents will enjoy NFL betting in Arizona and Super Bowl betting odds at Caesars Sports.

WynnBET Super Bowl online betting

Although WynnBET Sportsbook AZ is not as famous as some of the other options on this list, it is a operator that shouldn’t be slept on. Partnered with the Apache Gold Casino Resort and San Carlos Apache tribe, Arizona residents can enjoy all things sports betting on this site.

Bally Bet Super Bowl action

Bally Bet Arizona has partnered with WNBA and Arizona’s Phoenix Mercury so that it is one of the 20 available in Arizona. Starting in the 2021, Arizona residents will be able to bet on plenty of sporting events, including the Super Bowl.

Unibet Super Bowl betting online

Unibet Arizona provides plenty of betting options, great odds, and promos for residents. However, through its partnership with the Quechan Tribe and the Quechan Casino Resort, it can operate in the state of Arizona.

BetMGM Super Bowl betting

Even though BetMGM is at the bottom of this list, it is one of the top ones to select. They offer some of the best odds and promotions. Currently, they are still in the works for creating a partnership in Arizona, but it looks like they will partner with the Gila River Indian Community.

How to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona

mobile football

We’ll walk you through the do’s and dont’s when it comes to how to bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona. Arizona sports betting as a whole is a fun and engaging way to make your sports pastimes even more memorable. However, bet on the Super Bowl in AZ comes explicitly with many benefits not shared by all forms of sports betting.

Best promos for Super Bowl betting AZ

On top of a wide variety of betting markets, most sportsbooks offer additional bonuses and promotions in honor of the Super Bowl. So, you can place different wagers on the Super Bowl while taking on less risk—sportsbooks, especially like offering bonus bets, insurance bonus bets, and unique odds boosts.

Bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona options

When it comes to placing a bet on the Super Bowl in AZ with some of the most event options available, because the Super Bowl is the most popular singular sporting event in the United States, American sportsbooks offer many betting markets to choose from.

For example, some even offer exotic props when you are betting on the Super Bowl game in Arizona, though not specific to the football playing itself. Items like the National Anthem, ads and halftime show can all be covered in exotic bets.

Make your Bowl Party even more fun

Wagering on the Super Bowl can make your Bowl Party more fun than it already is. Whenever people wager just a little bit of money, they tend to be more invested and involved in the game. As a result, the night is packed full of fun and couch gripping action.

Know your options in AZ

Once you know which sportsbooks you want to use, it’s time to check out your betting options. The exact betting markets available will depend on the sportsbook you select. Because the Super Bowl is such a big deal, most sportsbooks will provide as many betting markets as possible. Of course, all of the Arizona sportsbooks will give the most popular and essential bets.

Super Bowl Futures in Arizona

One of the most shared Super Bowl bets is futures. A futures bet is wagered on any event in the future. When it comes to the Super Bowl, you can place a futures bet at the beginning of the season or anytime before the conference champs are announced.

The beauty of futures is that they can last all season long, which means your fun can be continuous. Plus, you have the potential to earn a lot if you place your futures at the beginning or early on in the season. But, of course, early futures can be risky since injuries and other unforeseen situations will affect the odds.

Keep in mind that you can place futures bets on other events outside of the Super Bowl. For example, futures are also great for the conference, division, total losses, and individual awards, such as the Super Bowl MVP.

Point spread bet on the Super Bowl in Arizona

Point spread is a popular form of bet during the Super Bowl and other major sporting events. With the point spread bet, you will decide if the point spread listed by the sportsbook will be correct. This bet particularly applies to the point spread of the favorite.

How it works is that a sportsbook sets a margin of victory. You have the option to wage that the favorite will still win the game, but they will exceed the margin of victory listed by the sportsbook. If the team exceeds the margin of success, you win the bet. However, if the favorite loses or does not exceed the margin of victory, you lose.

Super Bowl Totals – Arizona

Totals bets involve wagering on if the combined final score will exceed the sportsbook’s projected total. How it works is that the sportsbook will list a projected total that includes the final score for both teams. Then, you bet on if the total score will be over or under the projected amount.

This over-under approach sometimes causes this form of betting to be called over under betting, not totals. Here’s an example of Super Bowl under over betting:

Assume that a sportsbook lists the projected final to be 55 points total, but the game finished with a final score of 31 to 9, resulting in a total score of 40 points. If you bet the total would be over 55 points, you lost, but you won if you guessed under.

Super Bowl Moneyline bets in Arizona

If you’ve never wagered on sports or the Super Bowl before, Moneyline bets are a great place to start. They are super simple and easy. A Moneyline bet simply wagers on who will win the game. No other factors are involved.

For example, assume that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will compete for the title of Super Bowl champion. You select if the Buccaneers or Chiefs will win. You would win the wager if you waged correctly. It is as simple as that.

Super bowl Props betting in Arizona

Prop bets can be a bit more challenging to understand, but they are still pretty basic. Prop bets are about specific instances that will happen within the game. For example, the Super Bowl is known for having outstanding props because they also have what is called exotic props. Exotic props are individual scenarios that will happen to surround the Super Bowl, such as the halftime show.

Arizona Super Bowl betting odds


No matter what betting market you prefer, it’s important to understand Arizona Super Bowl betting odds. If you don’t know the odds on the Super Bowl, you won’t know how to bet. In addition, odds will appear different based on the market you select. That being said, there are typically only two ways that Super Bowl odds are displayed on American sportsbooks.

Reading Arizona Super Bowl betting odds type #1

Most likely, you will see the Super Bowl odds presented in a series of numbers with a “+” in front of the numbers. The lower the number is, the more likely the team is to win. More so, the number that follows the “+” tells you how much money you would win if you bet $100. For example:

  • Buccaneers: +650
  • Cardinals: +4000

In the example above, the Buccaneers are the favorite to win. Therefore, you would win $650 if you bet $100 on the Buccaneers, but you would win $4000 if you bet on the Cardinals, the underdog.

Reading Super Bowl betting odds type #2

The second option is a bit more confusing to read, but it is still pretty simple. The odds will appear as a fraction. For example:

  • Buccaneers: 13/2
  • Cardinals: 40/1

The smaller the fraction, the better the chances the team has of winning. You can easily determine how much money you would win by doing some simple math. Assume that you stake $100 in either team. Here’s how much you would win using the above odds:

  • Buccaneers: (13/2) x $100 = $650
  • Cardinals: (40/1) x $100 = $4000

Notice that in both types of betting odds, the numbers express the same amount of potential earnings. So in both of these examples, you would win $650 if you bet $100 on the Buccaneers, and you would win $4000 if you bet $100 on the Cardinals.

Make well-informed wagers

Finally, the last step towards making Arizona Super Bowl bets is to research the wagers. Since you know how to read the odds, pull up as many Arizona Super Bowl odds and betting lines as possible. Researching lines will help you place well-informed wagers. Then, after doing your research, bet away!

Remember, you can also apply this to your Fiesta Bowl betting Arizona needs.

FAQ’s About Super Bowl betting Arizona

Is Super Bowl betting Arizona legal?

Yes. All forms of sports betting are legal in Arizona if you are over the age of 21 and use a licensed sports betting site.

How does the Super Bowl work?

The Super Bowl is the game where both conference champions go head-to-head. The conference champions are selected after a series of playoffs.

When is the Super Bowl held?

Beginning in 2004, the Super Bowl has been held on the first Sunday of every February.

Are Super Bowl bets good wagers?

The Super Bowl is one of the best times to place sports bets simply because many promotions, content, and free events are available. Thus, Super Bowl bets are great wagers as long as you do the research beforehand.

Is it safe to place AZ Super Bowl bets online?

It is safe to place AZ Super Bowl bets online as long as you do not share your information. All of the sportsbooks in Arizona are safe, reliable, and trustworthy.