FIFA World Cup Betting Arizona

Want to learn about FIFA World Cup betting in Arizona? On this page, you will know precisely how to find the best Arizona sportsbooks, and we will share a few top tips for successful betting.

FIFA World Cup betting guide AZ

Soccer World Cup betting Arizona allows you to bet on the most important tournament for the most popular sport in the world. Nearly every online betting site in the state will offer FIFA World Cup betting odds.

It is essential for FIFA World Cup betting that you take the time to track down a decent sportsbook to gamble at. It is also important that you understand how to choose the right bets. This often comes through a wealth of research and a solid understanding of how the sport works.

FIFA World Cup betting list in AZ

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The best Arizona sportsbook for FIFA World Cup betting


In our opinion, one of the most important things when it comes to soccer World Cup betting in Arizona is to ensure that you choose the best sportsbook. If you choose the right Arizona Soccer betting sites, then everything else just falls into place.

This section will give you a brief overview of what we believe makes a good sportsbook. We then want to wrap it up by telling you the places that we really feel you should check out.

What makes a good soccer World Cup sportsbook?

Let’s give you a quick rundown of what we tend to be looking for when we want to gamble at a specific sportsbook. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list. Everybody will have their own ideas of what makes a good sportsbook.

  • Betting markets in AZ: nearly every sportsbook will have betting odds available for the World Cup. Only a few will have a decent number of markets for gamblers, though.
  • Betting odds in Arizona: this is probably going to be your primary decision maker when it comes to sportsbooks. You want decent betting odds to ensure you win the maximum amount of cash.
  • Betting bonuses in Arizona: sportsbooks always offer decent betting bonuses in the lead-up to the event. Choose the ones that catch your attention.
  • AZ Mobile betting: just in case you want to gamble from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Live betting: if you plan on betting on a game after it has kicked off, you will want live betting sportsbooks.

You may also want to think about things such as customer support, deposit/withdrawal options, etc.

Choosing the best AZ sportsbooks for FIFA World Cup betting

These are some of the Arizona sports betting sites that we reckon that you should be checking out. This is because, throughout the year, they offer fairly consistent soccer and event betting in Arizona. This means that you know they are going to go above and beyond whenever the soccer World Cup rolls around:

  • WynnBET Fifa World Cup sportsbook
  • Bally Bet Fifa World Cup odds
  • Fifa World Cup at Caesars sportsbook AZ
  • Caesars sportsbook Fifa World Cup betting AZ
  • FanDuel Fifa World Cup
  • Draftkings Arizona Fifa World Cup bets
  • BetMGM Fifa World Cup
  • Unibet FIFA World Cup betting in Arizona?

Understanding FIFA World Cup betting odds


We just have a few points to cover here, regarding the understanding of betting odds in Arizona.

FIFA World Cup betting odds change

One thing a lot of new gamblers fail to understand is the fact that FIFA World Cup betting odds can change. In fact, they can change from one second to the next.

Changes in betting odds will normally be based upon the number of people betting. So, if one market attracts many bets, the odds will become shorter while the others will become longer.

This is why it is so vital that you check out a variety of sportsbooks. It is the only way you can guarantee that you will be enjoying the best betting odds possible.

Determining favorite/underdog

So, how do you work out the difference between FIFA World Cup favorites and the underdog? Well, this is going to be relatively easy.

If you see a – before a number, then it is a favorite. If you see a +, then it is an underdog.

Things will differ when you are displaying odds in different ways, so we suggest that you stick to the American odds system.

Determining your winnings

The simplest way to determine how much you are going to win from your FIFA World Cup bet is to just add the bet to your betting slip. All sportsbooks will tell you the potential returns of that bet.

The odds will also give you a decent amount of information about how much you could potentially win:

  • An underdog market shows you how much you would win if you staked $100
  • A favorite market shows you how much you would need to bet to win $100

Understanding FIFA World Cup betting markets


Betting markets are the actual types of bet that you will be making. In this section, we want to highlight the most common betting markets for the FIFA World Cup. You may not find these betting markets available for every game or even at every sportsbook.

FIFA World Cup futures

If you are betting on an event in the future that doesn’t involve you betting on a specific game, then you are said to be betting on futures. So, betting on the winner of the World Cup would be a future. Likewise, betting on the Golden Boot (top scorer) winner would be a future.

The odds for futures are better at the start of the tournament than at the end.

FIFA World Cup Moneyline

Betting on the winner of an individual game will be known as betting on the Moneyline.

FIFA World Cup prop bets

Prop bets are the most common bet that you will find on the FIFA World Cup. This is because there will often be a dozen or so markets open each game.

Prop bets can include (but certainly are not limited to) things like:

  • The minute the first goal is scored in
  • Whether a knockout game will go to penalties
  • First goalscorer
  • Whether a goal will be scored from a freekick

As you can see, this means any bet that doesn’t hinge on the final result of the game.

FIFA World Cup totals bets

These may sometimes be called over/under bets. This is because they may not appear for every game. With these bets, you will be gambling on whether the two teams will have a combined score more or less than a number set by the sportsbook.

FIFA World Cup goal spreads

Goal spreads are where you bet on the favorite in the game-winning by more than a certain number of goals. You can also bet on the underdog, where they will be a winning bet if the favorite fails to win by a certain amount.

Top tips for FIFA World Cup betting Arizona


Let’s wrap up with a few tips that we feel could really help you with FIFA World Cup betting in Arizona.

Don’t bet from the heart

This is so important. Never bet from the heart. As tempting as it can be to bet on the country that you love, this is how you lose bets. Every bet that you place needs to be backed up by solid research. If you do not have evidence that there is a chance the bet may come through, then you need to skip it.

Listen to tipsters

Betting tipsters will provide you with information on what they believe will be a winning bet. You don’t have to listen to them, but pay attention to their thought processes, and you could get nudged in the right direction of good bets for you.

Read sports news from around the world

Don’t just pay attention to sports news in the US. Pay attention to sports news from around the world. It is fair to say that other countries often understand soccer better than reporters in the US, so their information could be a lot more beneficial.

Read team stats

Always pay attention to stats for a team. This means both team and player information. This will help you to determine their chances of winning, plus how much they could potentially win.

Check betting odds at multiple sportsbooks

As we said, sportsbooks will have different betting odds available. So always check as many sites as you can to ensure that you can find the correct odds for the betting market you want to jump into.

FAQ’s About FIFA World Cup Betting Arizona

When should you bet on the FIFA World Cup in AZ?

When you have enough knowledge to make an informed bet, you shouldn’t be betting on futures until the tournament kicks off. Instead, try to bet on individual matches hours before the kick-off.

What are enhanced betting odds?

Enhanced betting odds are a special promotion that you may find offered on certain betting markets. This is when certain FIFA World Cup betting odds get a boost beyond their average level.

What is FIFA World Cup live betting?

With live betting, sometimes known as in-play betting, you will be placing bets on the FIFA World Cup matches after they have kicked off. It is a very strategic way to bet.

How often do FIFA World Cup betting odds change for Arizona?

They can change at any moment. The odds will likely change a lot more frequently in the hours before the game kicks off, though.

Are all FIFA World Cup games available for betting?

Yes. All FIFA World Cup games should be available for betting. You may struggle to find all World Cup qualifiers available, though. Some are not offered at US sportsbooks.