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PayNearMe betting Arizona

On this page, you are going to learn about Paynearme betting in Arizona. We want to tell you exactly what it is. We also want to tell you how the deposit method works. Of course, we also want to cover a few of the pros and cons of depositing into your account using Paynearme. There are a lot of people that can benefit from this deposit method.

Introduction to Paynearme betting in Arizona

Paynearme is one of the best payment methods for those that want to fund their gambling account with cash. Paynearme betting sites are just about everywhere you look nowadays. You will be able to deposit into your account at your local 7-Eleven or CVS store.

The process is rather quick. You cannot withdraw using Paynearme, sadly. However, for those who still want to gamble without a working credit/debit card, Paynearme betting in Arizona is the perfect option.

PayNearMe betting list Arizona

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Best Arizona Paynearme Gambling


If you are looking for Paynearme online betting, you will be pleased to know that several sites in Arizona offer the banking option. It is becoming even more popular too. This means that we wouldn’t be surprised if most sportsbooks eventually had Paynear me betting in Arizona. For now, these are the five best AZ online sportsbooks that we have found:

  • Betmgm
  • Draftkings
  • Fanduel
  • Pointsbet
  • William Hill

Each of these sportsbooks does offer something a little bit different. This means that you may want to check out a few of them. This means that you need to focus on the sports and the betting markets that you enjoy the most. As you probably know, betting odds can vary considerably too. This means that, in many cases, you may need to be signed up to multiple betting sites.

Deposit and Withdraw using PayNearMe in AZ


How to Deposit for Paynearme Betting Arizona

Some people seem to be a little bit put off by the way that Paynearme betting in Arizona works. Now, we understand that the process can be somewhat more convoluted than your traditional deposit method.

However, it isn’t as tricky as you may think. One of the reasons why it is a little bit more convoluted is because the aim of Paynearme is to help those that may have issues with gambling. We will discuss that later on, though.

You will need a Paynearme account

To deposit, you will need a Paynearme account. You cannot do this online. You must physically go to a store that offers Paynearme as a deposit method. However, that can wait until you have followed these steps.

Register for a sportsbook

If you skip ahead, then you will see a list of the best Paynearme betting sites. Obviously, you will need to be registered at one or two of these to make your deposits. You need somewhere to gamble, after all.

Look for the cashier or deposit option

Once you have registered for a sportsbook, look for an option that says ‘cashier’ or ‘deposit.’ It will likely be listed somewhere on the main page. The sportsbook wants you to make a deposit, after all.

Select Paynearme

From here, you will need to select ‘Paynearme.’ You will then be asked how much you want to deposit. This will need to be under $500. While there will be no minimum for the deposits, do bear in mind that Arizona sports betting can charge larger fees for Paynearme, so you will need to factor that into how much you deposit.

You will be given a receipt that you will need to take to your local store. Again, you can save this on your phone.

Head to the store

Head to your local store and hand them the receipt. If you do not have an account, they will ask you to sign up for one. Pay for the transaction in cash. You will be able to gamble with your money within fifteen minutes.

Withdraw from a Sportsbook with Paynearme in Arizona

You cannot withdraw using Paynearme. This means that if you want to use Paynearme for deposits into your account, you will need to come up with some other way to request a fast payout in AZ. Although, you will likely have plenty of options available to you. This is only really going to be causing problems if the whole reason you were looking for Paynearme betting in Arizona was that you had very few payment methods at your disposal.

Withdrawal options available for sportsbooks in AZ are:

Pros and cons of Paynearme – Sportsbooks Arizona


There are pros and cons to Paynearme when betting at sportsbooks in Arizona. In this section, we look at the most obvious ones.

Pros of Paynearme online betting in Arizona

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to use Paynearme for online betting in AZ. Here are just a few of them.

Quick deposits

Obviously, going to the store and queuing is going to take time. However, once you go through all of that, it takes just fifteen minutes for the money to be ready in your sportsbook account. Nice, right?

Deposit without a credit or debit card

One of the main reasons people use Paynearme is that they do not have a credit or debit card that works with online betting. Some banks do still block it, after all. This just allows people to take part in the action if their bank normally restricts them.

Can deposit using cash

You can deposit cash, which is going to be handy for some people. People love to use cash in Arizona, so if you have some sitting around, you will be able to make a deposit. Unfortunately, there are very few deposit methods in Arizona that allow this.

Good for people that want to limit their gambling transactions

This is actually one of the biggest benefits of using Paynearme for online betting. Paynearme has restrictions on how much you deposit for gambling each day. Each time you want to gamble, you also need to go to the local store. This also makes depositing slightly more difficult. We get that it can cause issues for some people. However, many people have been able to keep their gambling expenses down by using Paynearme.

Cons of Paynearme betting in Arizona

While we think that there are some amazing pros to using Paynearme for betting in Arizona, we know that there are also some downsides that we need to mention.


Every time you want to deposit money into your account, you are going to need to head to the store.

You can only deposit using cash

If you want to use Paynearme, you can only pay for the transaction using cash. Although, this isn’t going to be a huge problem. Just withdraw your money from the ATM before you pay for the deposit.

High fees

Using Paynearme isn’t going to be cheap. The exact fee will be dependent on the sportsbook. However, we have seen fees start at $1.99 and go all the way up to almost $6! It is certainly going to be a lot if you tend to bet down the lower end of the spectrum. It means a good chunk of your cash will be going on fees.

Daily deposit cap

If you are a high rolling gambler, then you may get irritated with the $500 deposit cap. It is going to be fine for most gamblers, but those who often stake huge sums of cash may need to deposit their cash over several days.

Cannot withdraw using Paynearme

If you are using Paynearme to deposit, you need to be aware that you cannot withdraw using the same method. This can be a bit annoying if the whole reason you were using Paynearme was that you didn’t have many payment options at your disposal. There should be at least one option that you can use, though.

FAQ’s About PayNearMe betting Arizona

Is there a list of Paynearme locations in Arizona?

Yes. You will always be able to find a list on the Paynearme website. However, all CVS and 7-Eleven stores will offer Paynearme, so we are positive that everybody will have access to the payment method.

Is it safe to use Paynearme for sports betting?

Yes. This is actually one of the safest ways to deposit money into your account. It is based on human-to-human interaction rather than relying on the safety of computers.

Can you take advantage of betting bonuses if you use Paynearme?

It depends. In most cases, you will be able to take advantage of betting bonuses e.g., enhanced odds, insurance bonus bets, etc. However, you may find that there are some deposit-based bonuses e.g. matched deposits, that do not work with Paynearme. You will have to read the terms and conditions of the bonus to find out more.

Do all sportsbooks in Arizona accept Paynearme?

No. Although this is a payment method that is becoming increasingly popular, we wouldn’t be surprised if every sportsbook eventually decided to allow Paynearme gambling in Arizona.

Is there a maximum you can deposit using Paynearme?

Yes. You can deposit a maximum of $500 per day using your Paynearme account. It doesn’t matter whether you head to different stores to make a deposit. There will always be a maximum of $500.