Kentucky Derby betting Arizona

Did you know you can legally place wager on the Kentucky Derby betting in Arizona right online? Many sportsbooks are available to people living in Arizona that offer unique promotions and frequent deals to anyone who wants to bet on one of the biggest horse races of the year.

Guide for betting on Kentucky Derby AZ

If you are interested in wagering on the Kentucky Derby, don’t do anything until you have read this article. Here we will provide you with some sportsbook options to choose from, types of promos and bonuses you should watch out for, and which bets you may want to consider wagering on during the big race.

Kentucky Derby betting list in AZ

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Best betting on Kentucky Derby in Arizona


Do you know where to go when looking to place a bet on the Kentucky Derby in Arizona? Well, now that so many states are legalizing online sports betting, you don’t have to go anywhere. So instead, you watch the derby from the comfort of your own home and wager while sitting on your comfy couch.

Arizona is one of the most recent states allowing you to wager on your favorite sporting events online. Many gambling companies are taking advantage of these new laws and opening their horse racing betting sites in Arizona. Here are two we highly recommend.


The Twinspires betting app offers customers many ways to place bets on the Kentucky Derby races including, future bets, handicap bets, and live odds. In addition, this sportsbook provides fantastic customer service and an easy-to-use platform to make short bets.

Twinspires welcome offer: $200 sign-on bonus

TVG Network

The TVG sportsbook company provides customers with 24-hour live-stream coverage of every horse race going on and replays, pre-views, and more. In addition, this company offers frequent promotions, bonuses, and great odds to all bettors visiting their site.

TVG welcome offer: 50% bonus up to $250

How to sign up for a sportsbook for Kentucky Derby betting in Arizona


Once you have determined which Arizona sports betting sites you would like to use when placing wagers on the Kentucky Derby, you need to create an account. This is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps.

  • Click the signup button on the home screen.
  • Enter your name, email address, address, DOB, phone number, and create a password
  • Click on the submit button and wait for confirmation that your account is set up.
  • Now add your banking information to deposit money into your sportsbook account and where you would like your winnings to go when you withdraw your money.
  • Deposit the amount of money you want to use for betting into your account
  • Now, place your first bet
  • (Most sportsbooks offer sign-on promo codes, make sure to utilize these when signing up.)

Once you have a sportsbook account set up, you can begin betting immediately. Usually, deposits are added to your account within moments, meaning you shouldn’t have to wait for your money to clear to start betting.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy when withdrawing your money from your account once you win a wager; the wait time varies from site to site but can take up to a week.

Promos and bonuses for betting on the Kentucky Derby in AZ


There is a slew of promos, bonuses, and other deals to look for when placing a bet on the Kentucky Derby. Here is a list of some of the better ones you should keep your eye out for.

  • Insurance bonus bet – An insurance bonus bet covers a bettor up to a certain amount if they lose their bets.
  • Cash bonuses- A cash bonus is a specific amount of money offered to a bettor when wagering on particular games that can be withdrawn and not credits.
  • Cashback bonus- Like an insurance bonus, the cashback bonus will return a percentage of a bet if the wager is lost.
  • Deposit bonus- A deposit bonus is when a sportsbook gives you money for depositing funds into your account.
  • Sign-on bonus- The sign-on bonus is when you get a promotion, such as insurance betting just for creating an account.
  • Reduced the juice bonus- The juice is the fee charged by sportsbooks when you place a bet. Reduce the juice bonuses will reduce or even remove that fee.
  • No deposit bonus- A no-deposit bonus is when the sportsbooks offer a bettor a small bonus that doesn’t go into an account, such as a bonus bet.
  • Mobile bonus- A mobile bonus is given to those who sign up to use a sportsbook mobile app.

Each sportsbook will offer its promotions during specific events. Check out multiple sites to find the best deals out there.

Types of betting for wagering on the Kentucky Derby in Arizona


There are multiple ways to wager on the Kentucky Derby, whether you are in it to have a good time or in it to win big. Here is a list of the most frequently played bets commonly used in horse racing.

Prop betting in Arizona

Prop betting keeps things light-hearted and fun. These bets usually have nothing to do with the winning horse but instead something that can happen during the event.

Example of prop betting on the Kentucky Derby: Will the horse that comes in the last place have an even or odd number on its saddlecloth?

Over/Under betting for Kentucky Derby

Over/Under betting in horse racing is mainly associated with different types of props bets. The books will pre-determine the results of something, and you have to wager whether you think the outcome will be over or under that number.

Example of Over/Under betting: It will take 1 min and 30 seconds to sing “My Old Kentucky Home.” If you bet over and it takes 1 min and 45 seconds to finish the song, you win.

Future bet in Arizona

A future bet is a wager you place on the Kentucky Derby days or weeks in advance. These bets are hard to win but can earn you a lucrative amount of money if you do.

Example of a future bet: Wagering in February that “XXXX horse” will come first.

Finishing bets in AZ

As you might have assumed, there are many ways you can place a bet on which place each horse will end in.

  • Win bets– This is when you wager on which horse you think will win the Kentucky Derby.
  • Place bets– This is where your horse wins first or second place
  • Show bets This bet is when your chosen horse finishes first, second or third
  • Exacta bets– This bet is when you can correctly predict which horses will take 1st and 2nd place in the correct order.
  • Trifecta: This bet is when you can correctly predict which horses will take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • Superfecta: This bet is when you can correctly predict which horses will take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the correct place.
  • Super High Five: You guessed it. This bet is when you can correctly name which horses will take 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, and 5th place in the correct order.

Live bets in AZ

Many sportsbook sites provide their customers with live-stream races so that they have the option of placing bets in real-time while the derby is taking place.

Examples of a live bet in AZ: Choosing which horse will win in the 5th race during the 4th race.

FAQ’s About Kentucky Derby betting Arizona

Is Kentucky Derby betting legal in Arizona?

Arizona has recently become one of the many states that have legalized online sports betting. So yes, placing bets on the Kentucky Derby is legal through an online sportsbook in Arizona.

How do you win money betting on the Kentucky Derby in Arizona?

The best ways to win when wagering on the Kentucky Derby is by watching previous races, taking notes on the performance of every horse and jockey in the derby, and knowing which bets are worth wagering on.

Where can you bet on the Kentucky Derby in AZ online?

Many different sportsbooks online allow bettors to wager on horse races, such as the Kentucky Derby. First, check which sportsbooks are legal in the state of Arizona, then make sure they are legit and reputable before creating an account.

Can you live-bet on the Kentucky Derby in Arizona?

Yes, depending on the sportsbook you are using, you should place live bets on the Kentucky Derby. Most of the well-known sports betting sites provide their customers with access to live-stream races so you can bet while watching.

How can you find promotions and bonuses for betting on the Kentucky Derby?

All sportsbook sites tend to offer promotions and bonuses to draw in more customers. You can find these deals on their websites and social media pages. They are usually updated frequently and don’t last very long.