Cotton Bowl betting Arizona

On this page, we want to share information about Cotton Bowl betting Arizona. We want to tell you how Cotton Bowl betting odds work, where you should be gambling, and even a couple of tips on how to carry out more effective bet research.

Cotton Bowl betting Arizona introduction

With the Cotton Bowl classic just around the corner, you may be itching to get started with Cotton Bowl betting. Once you have selected a sportsbook from the myriad of options in Arizona.

You must research the Cotton Bowl betting line or two that are right for you. This can be based upon the research you are willing to put in, as well as the available Cotton Bowl betting odds. Once you know how to do things, you will be able to easily bet on the Cotton Bowl and beyond.

List of Cotton Bowl betting sites in AZ

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Best Cotton Bowl sportsbooks in AZ


You can’t gamble on the Cotton Bowl unless you have somewhere to gamble. This means that you are going to need to select from one of the many NCAAF sportsbooks in Arizona. Before we give you a few of our favorite sites, we want to briefly run you through the criteria that we use to select the sportsbooks that we gamble at.

What makes a good sportsbook for Cotton Bowl?

First things first, we judge all of the sportsbooks that we gamble at based upon these criteria:

  • The strength of the Cotton Bowl betting odds in AZ. We want decent odds for the markets we are gambling on.
  • The number of betting markets available. The more choices to gamble, the better.
  • Whether there are betting bonuses available. Bonuses for new and regular gamblers wouldn’t go amiss.
  • We love betting on bowls from our mobile devices, so we look for sites with a quality mobile app or mobile site.

There may be other criteria that you use to choose a sportsbook. However, we find looking at these four key points is always going to be a great start.

Our recommendations for the best Cotton Bowl sportsbooks in Arizona

Without further ado, here are our recommendations. Since odds and betting bonuses can vary between sites, if you are planning on placing a Cotton Bowl bet in Arizona, then we suggest that you check out a few of them. None one of these sites will consistently offer the best betting odds:

  • Bally Bet Cotton Bowl betting AZ
  • WynnBET Sportsbook – Cotton Bowl
  • Unibet Cotton Bowl betting action
  • Caesars Sportsbook Cotton Bowl
  • Fanduel Cotton Bowl
  • Draftkings Cotton Bowl
  • BetMGM Cotton Bowl action

Bet On The Cotton Bowl In Arizona


Because the Cotton Bowl is just a single game to bet on in the CFP , you are not going to have a crazy number of betting markets available. There should still be something that catches your attention, though. Let’s break the betting markets down into three categories so you can choose the option that is right for you when you bet on the Cotton Bowl in Arizona.

Beginner bowl betting in Arizona

Beginner Arizona sports betting markets include:

  • Moneylines, i.e., betting on the winner of the Cotton Bowl.
  • Totals: you are betting on the combined points of the two teams. You will have to bet on whether it is higher or lower than a certain number.

Intermediate betting when you

For intermediate Cotton Bowl bets in Arizona, you will want to look into point spreads. These are evolutions of the moneyline. But, as everybody knows, a simple moneyline is not going to pay out huge amounts of cash. Point spreads have the potential to do so.

With a Cotton Bowl point spread, the favorite for the Cotton Bowl starts with a point handicap. You will then have to make one of two bets:

  • If you bet on the favorite, then not only do they have to win, but they have to overcome their point handicap. For example, if they had a point handicap of -2.5, then they would need to win by 3 points.
  • The underdog will win in all other situations. So, yes. The underdog can be a bet-winner if they lose, but the favorite does not beat them by more than the handicap.

Advanced bets

Advanced bets are mostly your Cotton Bowl prop bets. Prop bets will be any bets that focus on individual team or player performance. In fact, they can look at things that do not involve anybody on the field e.g., how long the national anthem will be. Certain actions from the coaches, etc.

Sportsbooks get pretty creative with these bets. They can be tough to win, though. Each prop bet takes a whopping amount of research.

Live betting on the Cotton Bowl – Arizona

Most sportsbooks that offer Cotton Bowl betting in AZ will also offer live bets on the Cotton Bowl in Arizona. When you bet live, you are betting while the game is in play. The betting odds will change based upon whatever is happening on the field. A lot of people find that this is a much more strategic way to gamble. We find that it adds a bit of excitement if you are watching the game on TV at the same time.

There will be a limited number of betting markets available once the game starts. So, if there is a prop bet that you are interested in, you may want to pick it up before the game.

How Cotton Bowl odds work in Arizona


We don’t want to tell you how to read betting odds or determine how much you can win here. That part is easy. We just really want to drum home how important it is that you sign up to multiple sportsbooks so that you can always enjoy the best odds for Cotton Bowl betting in Arizona.

As you will very quickly discover, Cotton Bowl betting odds are not set in stone. They can change quite quickly. This is because the sportsbook tries to manage a delicate balancing act. They want to ensure that there is an even amount of cash staked on both sides. This means that it will tinker with the odds to attract bets in certain directions.

Because there will be a different number of gamblers on each site, and people will be betting in different ways, the odds can change. We recommend that you check out multiple sportsbooks if you want to find the best odds. We often check 3-4.

How to research your bowl bets

Let’s wrap up by sharing a few different ways that you can research your Cotton Bowl bets.

Cotton Bowl news

In the lead-up to the Cotton Bowl, there will be a lot of news floating about. Pay attention to it. You will want to know if players are out injured, particularly key players. You will want to know if a team is in a slump, etc.

Don’t just read sport news websites either. Pay attention to Cotton Bowl communities e.g. Reddit. Sometimes, non-journalists tend to be a lot less filtered, and this means that you can pick up more information.

Cotton Bowl stats

The exact stats that you are looking for will be dependent on the bets that you are placing. For example, if you are placing a moneyline or point spread, then you can look at past wins for a team. If you are looking to place a totals bet, then you can look at past scores for both teams. Finally, if you are betting on individual player performance, then look at individual player stats.

Cotton Bowl is massive, which means you shouldn’t really have any issues tracking down sites loaded with stats.

Watch the teams play

You must watch the two competitors play before you place a bet. If you know nothing about the teams competing in the Cotton Bowl, we honestly cannot see you being successful with your bets.

Betting tipsters

Love them or hate them, but Football betting in AZ do offer some decent information. Even if you do not follow their advice, a lot of them will share information about how they came to their conclusions. If you listen, you will learn how to make betting predictions yourself.

Cotton Bowl betting odds Arizona

We do not recommend that betting odds are your main research source. Instead, we find that betting odds will give you an idea of the direction of your research. For example, if you are looking at Bowl prop bets for first touchdown scorer and the odds for a particular player are crazy long, then you can probably ignore researching them. It will save you a little bit of time.

Betting on other bowl games in Arizona

If betting on Cotton Bowl games is your thing you might want to check out:

For more significant events like the Super Bowl, you can easily apply the picks you have learned from us.

Cotton Bowl betting Arizona FAQ

Can you bet on Cotton Bowl futures in Arizona?

No. There are no futures bets tied specifically to the Cotton Bowl.

How often do Cotton Bowl odds change?

It does depend on the sportsbook. If a sportsbook seems to be attracting a lot of bets, then you may actually find that the odds change every couple of minutes.

When is the best time to bet on the Cotton Bowl?

As soon as you know to confidently make a bet. We recommend that you don’t place your bets until the few days before the game. You don’t really want a random injury to throw your earlier bet into disarray.

Does Cotton Bowl live betting offer better odds?

If you are betting on the favorite, no. If you are planning on betting on the underdog, then the odds will be slightly better while the underdog is sitting behind. Although, the longer the game goes on, the less likely they are to win.

Do all sportsbooks in Arizona offer Bowl betting?

No. Cotton Bowl betting is not available at all sportsbooks. If a sportsbook doesn’t normally offer Cotton Bowl, then they may not offer Cotton Bowl odds in AZ.