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Arizona darts betting

Darts betting in Arizona might not rival the Big 3 in terms of popularity, but it’s rising rapidly in the sports betting arena. Darts has come a long way from being a thing 17 million Americans did to kill time at the local bar or at home with friends. It’s now a multi-million dollar industry, and professional darts players can take home hundreds of thousands of dollars in a year. Not too shabby.

Your guide to betting on darts in Arizona

Now that Arizona darts betting is legal, you can get in on the action, too. In this article, we’ll help you understand everything you need to get started as a darts bettor.

From getting to know the major leagues to placing your own wagers and analyzing the key players—we’ve got it all for you right here. If you’re ready to score a bullseye with your AZ darts betting pick, you need to read this guide.

Bet on Darts in AZ

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Darts betting Arizona: the tournaments

One of the most entertaining parts of Arizona darts betting is watching the tournaments. There are some major events you can kick back and enjoy. But, if you’re not a darts fan already, we’re warning you now: a darts tournament looks a lot like a party.

There are several leagues and tournaments you can bet on in Arizona along with nearly every sport available. We’ll analyze the darts sportsbook offerings in a minute, but first up—let’s look at the events you’ll want to follow.

PDC events for darts betting in Arizona

The Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) is the premier darts organization in the world. So premier, in fact, that most of the biggest events in the darts calendar are PDC-run.

Here are some of the world ranked (and unranked) darts betting opportunities on offer:

  • World Championship
  • World Grand Prix
  • UK Open
  • World Matchplay
  • World Series of Darts
  • World Cup of Darts
  • Premier League Darts
  • Grand Slam of Darts
  • European Championships
  • Champions League of Darts
  • PDC World Youth Championship

It’s a handful, right? So let’s break down some of the key tournaments that Arizona darts betting sportsbooks are following.

The PDC World Championship for AZ

If darts betting is on your agenda, the PDC World Championship will likely be your alpha tournament. It’s held through December and January (perfect for kicking back over the holiday period).

The final event of the tournament is hosted at a real-life palace in England—so you know it’s legit.

You’re likely to find competitive odds and a better depth in betting markets at the World Championship level than in any other darts league, so we recommend capitalizing on that.

PDC World Matchplay for Arizona darts odds

You’ll usually find excellent futures odds as this event nears, so watch your favorite Arizona sportsbooks in the lead-up to its July launch. The World Matchplay has been played consistently for almost 30 years in Blackpool, and it’s been won by Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson, Rod Harrington, and Phil Taylor.

Side note: the winner of the event takes home the Phil Taylor Trophy, named in honor of the sixteen-time winner of the event.

This is probably the biggest PDC event after the World Championship, and betting odds and markets reflect that.

The PDC Darts at Home Tour for betting Arizona

This is a live-streamed event launched in response to the global pandemic. Players in the tournament stream from home and compete virtually in the best of 9 matches.

Our top-choice AZ sports betting sites all offer betting menus around this tour—with the folks at DraftKings even live-streaming the event from its mobile app.

Modus Icons of Darts Live League for betting AZ

In the same vein as the PDC Darts at Home tournament, the Icons event is live-streamed in real-time. It’s a major hit for Arizona darts betting sites, especially for members who want to dabble in live in-play darts betting.

Best Darts betting Arizona

We’ve analyzed all the best Arizona online sports betting sites with a few key criteria:

  • Licensing—are they legal? (spoiler alert: we only recommend legal sportsbooks)
  • Reliability—are they secure, and do they payout fast?
  • Bonus offerings—do they dish up stellar bonuses for new and existing members?

Here’s another spoiler: every sports betting site that makes our list can answer yes to all these questions.

Most importantly, we checked out their offerings across the darts betting markets. If they didn’t offer extensive betting markets in any major tournaments, they didn’t make the cut.

It’s brutal, but it’s necessary—so let’s get started.

Betfred online dart sportsbook

We’ve got to start with Betfred. This UK sportsbook knows its darts betting and offers expert analysis of darts tournaments. It consistently delivers quality, competitive odds, a generous bonus set-up, regular odds boosts, and darts betting specials.

Did we mention that Betfred also sponsors the PDC World Matchplay tournament? What we’re saying is: Betfred knows its stuff. You’ll want this one in your sportsbook lineup for darts betting in Arizona.

TwinSpires darts betting site

Twin Spires offers arguably the best insights into darts betting for its members. It’s got the latest event news. It’s got a breakdown of the markets. It has an ambitious futures market and a dynamic betting menu.

Throw live in-play darts betting, and you’ve got a recipe for a stellar user experience.

Unibet darts betting

At Unibet, you can take advantage of one of the sports betting industry’s best live betting platforms. As long as your betting account has funds in it, you can enjoy a wide variety of darts events from around the world.

Unibet also has a payback average of 97.5% for those wanting to analyze the statistics.

Barstool for online darts betting

Barstool Sportsbook is fast gaining a reputation for its willingness to think outside the box. It gathered a following for its expert match analysis and pro commentary, but we’re picking it for this list because it offers a wide range of darts betting markets.

FanDuel darts betting

For easy deposits, fast payouts, and an excellent darts betting experience, FanDuel has to be a go-to in every darts fan’s sportsbook stable. It offers outright and match betting on most major PDC tournaments and—according to recent research—some of the best darts betting odds in the biz.

BetMGM darts odds

You can’t help but be impressed with BetMGM’s darts betting lineup. Your betting appetite is catered for with all the major PDC tournaments, as well as the Modus Icons. Even smaller PDC events—like the Nordic Darts Masters—get a generous betting menu here.

BetMGM also offers quality live betting and the backing of the world-famous MGM brand.

Golden Nugget dart bets

Golden Nugget offers highly competitive odds across the PDC World Matchplay tournament, the PDC World Championship, and most major darts events. It also offers consistently low playthrough requirements on its bonuses, which means more bang for your betting buck.

BallyBet darts sportsbook

BallyBet deserves a place on your sportsbook roster. It’s made a major push into the sports betting industry and delivers a stellar betting menu at the major PDC, British Darts Organisation, and independent events.

DraftKings darts betting online

It’s hard to go wrong with one of the giants of the online sportsbook world. Quality live darts betting, a state of the art mobile app, live streaming of major darts tournaments, and excellent bonuses—what more do you need?

BetRivers online darts betting

Arguably one of the best online sportsbooks for darts betting odds. Known for backing the niche sports—like cricket, darts, and cycling—BetRivers deliver a depth of betting options that can satisfy most darts fans’ appetites.

WynnBET darts online betting

We love the responsive mobile apps, excellent performance in live betting, and competitive odds. Having said that, the WynnBET darts betting catalog is reasonable, at best. It’s worth odds shopping in advance, though, as they appear to build out their range of darts betting options.

Darts betting Arizona: The betting menu

Got your Arizona online sportsbooks ready? Now all you need is to select your wagers. But, first, let’s look at your options.

  • Match winner: similar to the moneyline in other sports. Pick the winner in a match.
  • Correct score: more difficult to predict than the match winner; this bet has a better payout than the moneyline.
  • 170 checkout: wager on how many players will record a 170 checkout during an event or as a yes / no bet on someone hitting a 170 checkout.
  • Most 180s: wager on which player in a match will achieve the most 180s.
  • Total 180s: you bet on whether the total number of 180s in a match will be higher or lower than the figure set by the sportsbook. This one is similar to the totals bet in other sports.
  • Player 180s: a similar wager structure to total 180s, except you, are betting on just one player in the match.
  • First 180: as the name suggests, you predict which player will achieve a 180 first in the match.
  • 9 dart finish: will a player achieve a 9 dart finish? 9 darts are the minimum a player needs to throw to check out.
  • Futures betting: darts futures are a valuable betting market that can really help you build out your bankroll. If you enjoy theory and analytics, you’re well positioned to capitalize on getting in with your bets early.
  • Live in-play betting: if you like a fast pace and dynamic betting, live betting is for you. Odds change rapidly, and the tables can turn fast, so you need to think fast to capitalize here.
  • Parlays, spreads, and prop bets

Picks Darts betting Arizona

If you want to take your darts betting seriously—and don’t we all take money seriously?—then we’ve unpacked a few tips for you.

Watch the players

Typically, a player in good form going into a tournament will perform well. However, players have streaks, and when a player is on a winning streak, it can pay to “ride it.” Learn to spot a player on a winning streak by analyzing their match average. Players are aiming for a three dart average of 95+.

Side note: the player with the highest average in a match typically wins the match. But not always.

Learn to analyze statistics

If you enjoy research, you’ll love this one. Use stats to get an understanding of past performance. For example, which player in the match has had the most wins? How many 180s have they thrown lately? Are they hitting many doubles?

Pitching both players in a match against each other on paper can give you a good understanding of what to expect before the match even begins.

Darts betting Arizona: Summary

If you’re hooked on darts, now is the time to try your hand at darts betting. It’s fun, it’s fascinating, and it’s easy to get started.

Darts betting Arizona FAQs

What is a 170 checkout in darts betting?

A 170 checkout is when a player hits triple 20 two times (a total of 120 points) and then hits the double bullseye (50 points). This is the maximum possible score to win the leg.

What is a 9 dart finish in darts betting?

Nine darts is the minimum needed to successfully get from 501 points to 0 in a game of darts. Traditionally, a 9-dart finish is achieved by hitting 180 twice and following it up with 141 from 3 darts.

Can I bet on international darts tournaments?

Yes. The biggest darts tournaments are international events, and the top AZ sportsbooks offer odds in these events.

How many sportsbooks do I need for darts betting?

You’ll need at least one, but we recommend growing your sportsbook stable so you can shop for the best odds and bonuses. We’ve got all the best Arizona sports betting sites listed here.

How old do I need to be to bet on darts in Arizona?

You must be at least 21 years old to try your hand at darts betting in AZ.