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Cycling Betting in Arizona

With sports betting gaining popularity in Arizona, it is time to get in on the sports you love. On this page, we will discuss how to get started with cycling betting in Arizona, including choosing a sportsbook, the different ways you can bet on cycling, and a few tips to send you off in the right direction.

Getting started cycling betting in Arizona

To get started with cycling betting in Arizona, there are a few things you need to get straight. Pick out a phenomenal sportsbook that can cover all your betting needs, including having a great variety of offers on cycling betting and covering your banking needs.

You should also understand the basics of cycling betting, including the different ways to bet and the basic tips that lead to success. Studying the popular races can also keep your sights in the right direction.

Bet on Cycling

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Best cycling betting in Arizona

Whether you are picking up cycling as an extra sport or you are already passionate about it, the following sportsbooks offer a safe and secure environment to get started cycling tennis betting in Arizona.

Bally Bet cycling betting

Welcome bonus: Insurance bonus bet up to $550

Bally Bet has two rewards programs, Trophy Case and Bally Rewards, with a rumored third to multiply your winnings. Apart from this, the clean interface is easy to navigate. Bally Bet is a fantastic choice for prop or exotic bets, and they have a decent offering of other sports.

Barstool Sportsbook betting on cycling

Welcome bonus: $500 Insurance bonus bet; $10 signup bonus

Barstool managed to get a sizable following in their short time as a sportsbook, largely due to their existing presence under the brand. The same personalities you love from Barstool podcasts can be found here, along with custom offers, promotions, and daily odds boosts.

Betfred Sportsbook for cycling betting

Welcome bonus: $500 first wager match

As a trusted and experienced name in betting, you cannot go wrong with Betfred Sportsbook. With frequent promotions, a multitude of in-play markets, and a large group of offerings coming to the United States, they are one of the better options for cycling enthusiasts. In addition, you can expect them to cover sports and leagues outside the U.S. with standard wagers.

BetMGM cycling betting odds

Welcome bonus: $600 Insurance bonus bet

BetMGM brings luxury to sports betting. Their website and application have a simple design that is both clean and easy to navigate. You can view odds and wager seamlessly. Following live games and betting live is easy as well, especially with integrated live streaming broadcasts. The lines are average, but BetMGM posts better odds frequently.

BetRivers cycling sports betting

Welcome bonus: $250 deposit match

While the welcome bonus seems stingier here, the BetRivers deposit match can be easier for some bettors to clear. They have a busy calendar for live betting, an integrated rewards program, and allow in-play betting with easy-to-follow live streams.

Caesars Sportsbook for cycling live betting

Welcome bonus: $5,000 Insurance bonus bet

Caesars has the largest welcome bonus of sportsbooks in Arizona, but there is plenty to offer beyond that. The Caesars Sportsbook application is known for its extensive list of features, including an intense focus on in-play betting. In addition, the ongoing Caesars rewards program is enticing, as is the regular availability of promotions for current users.

DraftKings pro cycling betting

Welcome bonus: $1,000 deposit bonus; $50 Bonus bet

The DraftKings app is top-tier intuitiveness, and you will not have any problem finding information, making deposits, placing bets, or withdrawing your winnings. DraftKings also runs various promotions that keep them in competition with other sportsbooks for bettor satisfaction and optimal winnings.

FanDuel cycling betting

Welcome bonus: $500 deposit match

FanDuel is in it for the long haul, and their website and application are always looking ahead. You can find an extensive list of sports, leagues, and bet types with FanDuel, along with a daily rotation of odds boosts.

Golden Nugget betting on cycling

Welcome bonus: $250 Insurance bonus bet

The odds at Golden Nugget are on point, and both iOS and Android users can benefit from their application. Regardless of how you choose to place bets, Golden Nugget offers 24×7 customer support and a VIP rewards programs.

If you want to chase a bigger risk with parlays, you will be happy to discover their parlay boosts.

TwinSpires for cycling betting

Welcome bonus: $1,000 Insurance bonus bets (in one week)

TwinSpires has one of the more extensive histories of a sportsbook with more than 150 years in the business, and it shows. Between competitive lines, responsive software, and a fantastic offering of in-play markets, they have a great setup for your cycling betting needs.

Unibet Sportsbook and cycling betting odds

Welcome bonus: $500 Insurance bonus bet

Unibet is bringing a solid reputation to the U.S. with a great welcome bonus. The highlight of Unibet Sportsbook is surely their in-play interface that features stats in real-time.

WynnBet and cycling sports betting

Welcome bonus: $500 Insurance bonus bet

WynnBet has it all: competitive lines, a simple interface, and competitive pricing. The only area they fall short in is the availability of a desktop site, but their mobile application goes above and beyond. WynnBet has made it clear that they have big plans for the brand.

Ways to bet on cycling in Arizona

There are a few different ways to bet on cycling that are intrinsic to the sport:

Understanding the basics of these types of bets can help you understand what you need to focus on.

By rider

Betting by individual riders gives you a few options. You can bet on the winner or who you think will win the entire race, or you can choose a favorite for a top 3 or top 10 finish. Races tend to have more than 150 cyclists, so it can be difficult to pin down one winner. You can also throw an underdog in for a chance at increased winnings.

If you see the term green jersey, it refers to the subsidiary leader in the Tour de France, and this is definitely something you can bet on. On the other hand, the King of the Mountains or polka dot jersey refers to the event’s best climber.

You can even bet on which rider under the age of 23 (sometimes 25) will win the most points by betting on the young rider classification.

By team

The same approach can be lent to team betting, but you need to shift your mindset to a bet. Teams are built of individuals with various strengths, and the increase in variables gives you a lot to consider.

You can bet on team classifications, like which team will win the most points throughout an event. Betting on stages is also popular, but make sure you get the conditions of the stage correct before placing your bet.

Predicting which team will win the most stages or by which margin of stages a team will win can take a bit of the pressure off.


Matchups are head-to-head bets like who will finish with more points. They usually pertain to individuals that have similar abilities, but you might see them apply to teams.

You can also bet on individual stages with matchups or individual awards like King of the Mountains.


Some basic stats are common for betting.

The total number of finishers is big because not everyone finishes a cycling race. There might be injuries, bike problems, or just exhaustion that can put a rider out. So the number that starts is not always the number that finishes, and you can bet on that.

Another popular stat bet is whether a record will be broken, and even which one. If you have a rider, who has been edging close to a record, they might put all their effort into the race to clear it.


Special bets are less concerned with the result and add more layers to the race. While these are more guesswork than anything, if you can guess correctly, you can win a bit for your bankroll.

These can also be layered bets, like whether a rider from a certain country will place in a specific position or win the polka dot jersey in the next race.

Picks for Arizona cycling betting

While there are plenty of strategies to master the more you get into cycling betting, understanding foundational tips will help you grow long term.

Bet on major cycling events

In a lot of sports, it can be lucrative to look for smaller opportunities to bet, but the reverse is true in cycling. Usually, riders spend a good portion of their time training for larger events, and there will be plenty of coverage leading up to them.

In races like the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia, you have decent options for betting over an extended period. Taking advantage of these extensive opportunities is a quick way to master your cycling betting skills.

Check race stages

It can be easy to lose track of what is going on as the races go through stages, so double-checking what stage you are at before placing bets is essential. In addition, you need to ensure that all the variables you are considering are the ones currently in play.

Make sure you understand what type of stage riders are in. Are they climbing or sprinting today? Confusion can lead you to wager on a sprinter when cyclists are spending their day climbing or vice versa.

Do not rely on outrights

It would be nice if bets were direct results, but they rarely are, especially in cycling. There are just too many things that can happen, and outrights are rarely as straightforward as they seem.

There are plenty of other betting opportunities that you can take advantage of that will pay off in better ways. The path may seem a bit warped, but the few extra steps can really lock in your winnings.

Shop for lines

Make sure you sign up with more than one of all Arizona sports betting sites. Most of them are great on their own, but having the extra opportunity to shop for lines gives you a better chance of winning big at times. Furthermore, having another sportsbook can give you more lines to bet on.

Just like you would not limit yourself to shopping at one store, you should not limit yourself to one sportsbook. Poke around and make sure you are not missing any great promotions or losing out on any fun betting opportunities.

Keep your bankroll in check

Managing your bankroll is important with any sport, but it can be more difficult with cycling. While other sports have you bet on one game with games happening regularly, cycling can tie up your bankroll for about a month.

Having a plan in place helps stretch your bankroll so you can bet on every stage of the race instead of running out of money halfway through. You never know what will happen day to day, so having some emergency funds is always nice.

Understand individual strengths

Understanding where individual riders do their best helps you in both rider and team bets. When you know where they excel, you can predict how they will handle the course, both by stage and in all.

This goes hand in hand with understanding the different types of stages and what days they happen on. When you can pair certain riders with certain stages, you get an edge on less-prepared bettors.

Popular cycling races to bet on in Arizona

While there are many races worldwide, the big ones to bet on are:

  • Giro d’Italia
  • La Vuelta en España
  • Tour de France

While you may notice that these take place in Europe, they are so recognized that you should have no problem betting on them in Arizona.

Giro d’Italia

This race usually takes place before the Tour de France, and may even have some of its 21 stages take place outside of Italy, even the opening stages.

You can always count on it running through the Italian Alps, and understanding which riders are prepared for that is key to betting on this race.

La Vuelta en España

In Spain there is La Vuelta en Espana, a race running since 1935. This 21 stage tour takes place over 23 days on a route uniquely mapped every year.

You can always count on it to run through the Pyrenees Mountains and end in Madrid.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is the most popular cycling event in the world, and it has been built on more than 100 years of tradition.

FAQ’s About Cycling betting in Arizona

Are all popular cycling events in Europe?

While most popular cycling events are in Europe, you can find plenty outside. For example, the Tour Down Under takes riders through a 10-day competition in southern Australia at the beginning of the season.

Which bet type is best for beginners for cycling betting in Arizona?

Betting top 3 or top 10 finish is a good choice for beginners because there is less pressure to get it right without sacrificing your chance of winning. In addition, betting on teams and other aspects that are less singular can help you gain momentum.

What is track cycling?

Track cycling occurs at a much shorter length and is less popular than tours or other long events. These tracks can be individual matches, pursuits, time trials, sprints, or more obscure races.

Is Olympic cycling the same as tour cycling?

Olympic organizers do not have the time or resources to set up a whole tour. While certain events can mimic parts of a tour, Olympic events are still a few steps away from a full tour.

What is the benefit of live betting for cycling in Arizona?

Because cycling stretches out over a longer period of time, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum, especially if you are not incredibly interested in the sport. By adding live betting into the mix, you increase the thrill and connection. Now things like injuries or in-the-moment changes can weigh a lot more on your decisions.